Some Wolf reviews

Today I thought I would share a couple of a reviews of the new Space Wolves stuff that are around the internet.

First up Dark Future Games looking at the thunder wolves;

So GW finally released a thunder wolf kit.  Day late and a dollar short, but as a lover of all things space wolves, I had to get some.  Since everyone already has their wolves from 3rd party companies I imagine the popularity of the kit is low.  I’ll put it out there though, that even though I already have some wolves, I’ll be using the GW ones.  Its a super cool kit and to cut right to the meat of this, I’d recommend picking a box or two up.
First thing I look at when a larger model comes out is how is it built.  The wolves come as a body, 2 legs, 4 feet, a tail and a 3 part head.  The feet fit flawlessly onto the legs and for the most part the front legs fit snug in their recessed areas.  The body halves on the other hand leave a little to be desired when it comes to gap filling.
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And next we have Still Practicing that is looking at the Fenrisian Wolves;
Yesterday after throwing down at the local game store I checked out the new releases for everyone’s favorite army, my wolves. While I have no intention of running Thunder Wolves, I have been running a Lone Wolf with two Fenrisian Wolves lately with great success – so I decided to grab a box. Upon getting it home I unpacked the set and found the following sprues:
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