Avatar Seamus Review

Welcome to my review of my first Avatar from Malifaux (Wyrd Guys). As you have noticed I have gone for Seamus and his Avatar of Dread. Or to everyone on the internet Mr Hyde/Hulk . So let’s make a start on this bad boy;

The Box

First the box it is a pretty standard Wyrd box which is the smallest possible box you will see for the size of the miniatures (definitely environmentally conscious) yes they has been times that parts maybe bent etc due to this design it does relativity well when compared to other companies packaging. As always superb art work (matches the book) and as he is a mainly resin miniature very light.

The Cards

What do we get in the box then? Well we get everything we need to make Seamus as well as his rule cards which is split over 2 cards. Which makes sense unless you want a microscope to read all those nasty things you can do 😉

The Miniature

So first thoughts WOW a great piece of work.

Surprisingly there is not much work needed to get him up and running some excess resin flash under each arm and some mold lines to remove (Warning if you have never dealt with resin before be careful it is softer than metal so will not need that much effort to remove lines, treat it like plastics).

I am surprised that the other hand couldn’t be done in resin as a one piece but then what do I know about creating things like this so I will trust Wyrd, perhaps it would have been too weak?

Although a single piece I am surprised how unlike earlier Wyrd miniatures (Teddy springs to mind) he does not feel flat, this is a great positive.

The Build

As you would imagine that he goes together pretty easily being only 3 pieces and the fist does fit relatively well although you will have the odd gap to fill there is nothing to strenuous to deal with

ignore the blood that is just me being clumsy and bleeding to give you lot reviews.

The Scale

As always I must have a scale picture with the usual characters but thought it would be handy to have some Malifaux bits in there as well just so you can see the monster that he is.

The Finish

Very simple piece of miniature but he is certainly menacing and some how kept the feel of normal Seamus so big thumbs up there.

There is not much to say as the pictures do most of the work, besides how can anyone say no to a very a giant Mr Hyde model.

I am looking forward to painting him (in a few years 😉 ) and now I must leave you


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