Shaper Malifaux Scenario (Strategy)

LordShaper on his gaming blog (not to be mistaken with one of the many many many others). Has been flexing his creative juices and has thought up a new Strategy for people to use in Malifaux.

Go and read why he has done it and how you can help here LINKY for those who just want to play here is the Strategy;

Place a 30mm Informant Counter in the center of the table.

Alt Setup

After Deployment is determined and crews are placed Turn Initiative Winner places the Informant Counter along the centre line of the middle of the table (deployment influenced)

A Model in Base Contact with the Informant Counter may take a (2) Interact to be able to pick it up. A model carrying the Informant Counter can drop or pass it to another model in base contact as a (1) Interact Action.

A Model changing position on the table by an effect other than the Walk Action, drops the Informant Counter in base contact with itself. While carrying the Informant Counter, a model reduces it’s Wk to 4, and can not have it’s Wk increased by any means.

Spirits lose the ability to move through other models and the ability to ignore terrain penalties while carrying the Informant Counter. Models lose Flight or Float while carrying the Informant Counter.

The Informant Counter does not count as being carried if carried by an Insignificant model at the end of the Encounter.

If you are wanting to move the Informant Counter, with Each Individual Action you need to make a WP -> 14 flip and if you fail you forfeit that AP but are able to use any other AP to try again. Fast and Nimble can also be used with a WP -> 14 flip.

Any Immunity to making WP flips is ignored for the purpose of moving the Informant Counter. the WP -> 14 flip simulates the Persuading/Intimidating the Informant to go with them.

Score 2VP: if, at the end of the Encounter, the Informant Counter is carried by one of his or her models but not in his or her Deployment Zone or is completely within his or her Deployment Zone but not carried by another model


Score 4 VP: if the Informant Counter is carried by one of his or her Deployment Zone at the end of the Encounter


5 comments on “Shaper Malifaux Scenario (Strategy)

  1. I like it 🙂

    The WP duel with the informant adds something different, although surprised you went for 14 instead of the more standard 12. We have yet to use it in anger yet though.

  2. This is lame. Treasure Hunt with a WP duel? Yawn. Adding another rule to an existing scenario is not “flexing creative juices”.

    Try starting with a thematic concept – perhaps an exciting scene from a movie you saw, or an element of popular culture or folklore. Think about how the scene unfolded, how the tale/song/adage/poem went. What did the protagonists do, how did the antagonists try to stop them. Now translate that into a set of objectives for both sides.

    How did the environment help or hinder the characters? Were there any ‘extras’ in the scene? What did they do? Great – now sprinkle in a rule or two to cover these factors. A good concept will write the scenario for you.

    • Sorry you didn’t like it… the idea came before the writing of it and it is to be part of a bigger scenario which I’m still working on.

      The only reason I put in the treasure hunt parts is because those rules work to stop someone leaping or flying away with the informant.

      Sorry you don’t like it.

    • You are right to have your own opinion.
      Although a lot of what you suggest regarding movies etc. tends to be based on ‘against the odds’ type things. Italian Job, Harry Potter etc. etc. this is incredibly difficult to do for a wargame scenario as both sides need a fair chance of succeeding otherwise what is the point.

      I agree a good concept writes itself (currently working on a Stompa scenario) but the opposite is true you can fit a concept to a scenario already written.
      e.g. why would gremlins want to hold 4 board quarters? they are looking for truffles!

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