Relics Miniatures Review

Welcome to another review this time we are going to look at some of the fine miniatures done by Tor Gaming for their Relics game.

So what will I actually be looking at today? Well let’s have a look what the postman brought;


So that is Vaettir Varriers, Orcnar Docga and Britanan Dragoons so we have a nice mix of miniatures for this first dip into Relics. Lets rip open these bad boys and see what shiny is inside 😀

Vaettir Varriers

First up we have the slightly annoyed Vaettir troops the stabby Varriers..

As loving shown in the studio paint scheme here (yes I haven’t had time to paint them :P)

So let us look at what the real things look like;

So this is all the bits you get in the package looking pretty good to me 😀 and now for some close-ups (to show off my mad camera skills……….honest).

These will be unusual for a lot of gamers out there as these are very organic miniatures and as such you think you are not getting a lot of detail BUT it works so well for these guys as nothing distracts the eye from the stabby knifes and also their eyes.

They are well produced and also require little cleaning up just a mould line on their head just behind the ears almost so well hidden from the front and easily sorted.

Once they are built I start to like them even more (which is easily done);

They are full of character and look forward to sticking some paint on them.

As always here is a scale shot with my 2 trusty sidekicks.

Although on their own they feel relatively small as you can see they measure up well.

Orcnar Docga

Now for some of the butchest dogs you will ever see, like the Varriers they are very organic and again it works for the faction but I do think that some people may not like such mad proportions seen with these puppies although it is balanced out with rest of the faction so if you don’t like them check them out next to Eotan 😀 so lets look at some bear metal;

I am liking what I am seeing mainly because all I can think of when I see them is the devil dogs from Ghostbusters ;). They obviously go together very easily and these guys have hardly any work needed on them except clipping the excess metal on the feet.

As you can see they build up well and are a very dynamic posture to them full of movement and teeth.

Scale shot as always these guys are pretty big and would look very menacing to a lot of the smaller based stuff I have here.

Britanan Dragoons

Now for some of my favourite miniatures from the Relics Range I love the idea of the Vaettir but these dragoons are just so full of WIN.

Nice selection of gubbins with some extras as well (swords etc.)

All I can say is wow honestly I had a geekgasm with these things what did surprise me is they are so small they are. I always imagined them on a 40mm base rather than 30mm. Excuse me while I go clean myself up something these guys didn’t need much off which is again a bonus on metal miniatures.

I loved building these guys but then what do you expect for some truly amazing one-off idea miniature 😀

I do so love the wheeled one simple idea that really adds to the character of them.

Scale shot as standard and my is that one big hat!


This is the blog’s first look at the Relics range and I have to say I am mightily impressed with what they are produced especially for the cost. If you haven’t taken any notice of TG and Relics before I would recommend you do so sharpish as this is going to be a popular game and miniature set.


2 comments on “Relics Miniatures Review

  1. Nice review but I feel its worth pointing out that both the Vaettir and Britannians are VERY fiddly to work with due to the socket recesses for arms etc being something one would struggle with unless armed with very good epoxy or careful pinning! Other than that, great looking and unusual models once built but not for the beginner!

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