Nice review

So the Good people at Project Good have gone and released an expansion for their game Good The Battle and you may have read my review for it before. What do you mean you haven’t??? Well off you go I shall wait LINKY……

You back excellent than I shall begin.

As this is an expansion this will not be a review like I normally do so no FMRRMWYGFYMS protocol but I will try to cover everything.

First up what do we get in out nice parcel from Project Good? Well we get the following;

One book

All very nice again same printing quality as the first book = Black and white inside but all very readable and with the enjoyable little pencil sketches the book is adorned with, speaking of which here is one;

Next we get our hands on the lovely new player sheets for the new additions to the game;

Close up

As you can see similar set-up to the character ones present with the rulebook. Finally we have some tokens to keep us occupied (please use safety scissors);

All at the high quality that Good has already set themselves so no complainants from me!


As mentioned the actual book is still the excellent quality now expected by Project Good for the price you pay for it which is astounding. It is nicely laid with everything you will need to know in a very sensible way. As with the main rulebook we have the tongue in cheek  pencil sketches which continue the idea of slight mad 😉

Weighing in at 56 pages we get all sorts of goodness in those pages, so time for a breakdown;

  • 3 pages of extending miniature rules
  • 16 pages of special powers 😀
  • 4 pages to add in NPC civilians and also vehicles to play with.
  • 2 pages of new scenarios
  • 2 pages for newer ways to play
  • 7 pages of seasonal special powers 😉

You then get a word search?? Yes a Good word search I ask why? and the answer why not….fair enough. Finally a FAQ as well as some reference sheets and photo-copyable tokens etc.


So what about these new rules then, well we have a new position in prone in other words knocked down its a small addition but surprising extends what you can do in the game.

We then see some new miniature bonuses to really help push the WYSIWYG that Good really takes to another level. One example I will use to tempted you all is if the miniature who you are playing as has more than one pair of arms well you hit easier in combat and are harder to hit, which as you can gather could be a nice thing to have 😉

Special Powers

As always you are allowed 3 special powers and my have these been boosted in this expansion a 50 plus boost in fact as always we have lots of great names from Goodzilla and Shindig Pandemic. But I am not going to spoil what they do oh no spoilers from this bear..


So these are NPC or Non-player civilians until an attack is made they will just mill about the board. But once any sort of bad damage is done – with screams and heads down they will scatter and from then on you roll on the reaction table for them which ranges from mob rule (they gang up) to everyman for themselves (take a guess). I am liking the Civvies they bring something different to games and the unpredictability of them is a good laugh.


Follow very similar rules to a normal miniature. In fact they are almost seen as a character in the game (mmh must find a Herbie miniature) however their weapons are treated differently as each has their own good value which corresponds to ammo/fuel etc. This is a nice touch that is so simplistic is should be illegal..

I have yet to try vehicles significantly but I think if they are not over-used like the civilians they bring something different for people to play with.

How to play

With this expansion we also have the introduction of a points system rather than both characters starting with an agreed starting number of Good points.

So what does these points entail well we are told an average game is 2.5G which actually gets you a lot of stuff for instance; a single character (with 50 Good points) is worth 0.5G. While a Squad of characters (that share a pool of 100 Good points) is worth 1G. Pretty simple and easy to pick up but with oh so many combinations.


We get 7 more scenarios that are extended from the rulebook Good are even Good enough to start counting from the last scenario 🙂

One of the scenarios I really did enjoy was ‘Good all over’ in which your character has to be the first to touch all the scenery pieces on the board while surviving other players and why not lets throw in some Civilians ;).

Seasonal special Powers

Even more special powers but these are only for those special times of the year be it Valentine’s day or Christmas which add a bit of fun to proceedings but remember only to use them at the right time of year unless you are Bad. I am looking forward to my Secret Santa power 😉

What you get for your money

Well I thought when I copy expand the costs went up but this is actually cheaper than the rulebook. For the price for you could pay for some hobby supplies you are getting a lot! The book (obviously), 6 record sheets for new characters, a sheet with all the new tokens you can use and of course the now standard Good fridge magnet 😉

Can you say another bargain by Good? Yes I think you can and if that is not enough a dual pack means even more discounts. It’s almost rude to not go get this game….


Pros – Stunning carry on from the rule book and really expands the game. If you enjoyed the first instalment you will love what Nice brings to Good

Cons – The number of new special powers is daunting especially if you are not use to them from the main book and I suppose if I am being picky you need the rulebook to use this but that is true of any expansion so I will shut up…

Overall – All you should do is ask yourself a question do you have Good? Yes! go get this then. No! then go get both books you will not be disappointed trust me I am a Bear 😉

And always remember – It’s war…..But in a nice way 😉


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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