Bear-All Showcase – KenzieMSmith

Welcome to the latest post of the Bear-All Showcase.

Check out the original post if you fancy joining in. So without further-ado here is Kenzie and his answers, here we go….

1) Name (alias) – Kenzie

2) How long have you been into the hobby? – I have been in the hobby over 16 years

3) How were you introduced to the hobby? It all began when I picked up a copy of White dwarf  at the tender age of twelve

4) What attracted you to the hobby all that time ago? Well being quite young , I loved the ideas of fighting big battle games

5) Has that same attraction changed over time? No, not  really, although recently I have been playing more skirmish level games. (we never grow up really)

6) Can you put collecting, building, converting, painting, gaming into order of preference please.

painting, gaming, converting, building

7) Why is Painting your top preference?

I have always enjoyed painting. When I think of getting an army/force, it always comes down to would I enjoy painting these, or how awesome would it be if it was painted like this, etc.

8) What does a bear do in the woods?  Wishes it was a Polar bear

9) What was the first miniature you ever bought/painted?

It was a box of six multi-part space marines for Warhammer 40’000 2nd edition.  They were painted up as Ultramarines. (blue boys always the blue boys)

10) Do you still have it? Yeah I have the first painted miniature still, the other five have been lost to the mists of time.

11) What is your favourite ever miniature?

There are so so many different miniatures to choose from, it’s really hard to choose.  (I tried but he just wouldn’t pick one – Kid in a sweet shop he was)

12) Bacon OR Sausage? Bacon

13) What was your first gaming system? It was Warhammer 40’000

14) What gaming systems do you currently play? Urban war, Malifaux, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer,  Warmaster (ancients, fantasy and battle of the five armies), Warmachine and Lord of the rings SBG

15) What is your favourite system you have ever played? Urban War

16) Why? It’s a great skirmish game with alternating activation and a fantastic miniature range

18) What do you look for in a new game? Great looking miniatures (another shiny addict)

19) Is toast really that lethal?  Only in the hands of a ninja!

20) Can you put these into preference – Miniatures, Fluff, Rules = Miniatures, Fluff, Rules

21) Why is Miniatures the most important?  I enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby, so painting a great looking miniature goes a long way.

22) Original or re-made? Which ever is better

If you want to see more of kenzies work head over to his blog

The Showcase

Now for the bit you all want the miniatures;

and so nakedness……


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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