Dystopian Wars Scenario Companion

As promised as we begin to look more into DW again on the blog. I thought I would share a find on the Spartan Games Forums for a scenario companion created by user Gcflash.

So I will hand it over to them (e.g. copy & paste from the forum…)

My friends and I are still learning the ropes of Dystopian Wars but thought it would be nice to have some scenarios to choose from. One said friend suggested converting some scenarios from other games, so thats what I have done. I re-wrote them all to better suit Dystopian Wars as best I could, made maps, tables etc. and stuck the lot in a pdf on google docs if you want to try them out for yourselves:

Scenario Companion v1.2 – an Introduction to better acquaint you with the document, a Quick Reference guide to make it easier to select a scenario at a glance, a guide to what models to use for each scenario using just the starter boxes and 12 scenarios each with detailed instructions and maps.

Scenario Companion Appendix

Campaign Section (DRAFT)

Campaign Map jpg

Campaign Points Chart

Alternate Tiny Flier rules + cards

Making DIY merchant vessels for ‘Attacking Supply Lines’

I hope you find these useful going forward I know I will 😀

P.S. If you want to keep up to date with any changes head over to the forum post LINKY


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