Amera Islands

Another review today people 😀

This time it is my first ever review of some scenery :O

Say hello to Amera Plastic Mouldings Uncharted Seas Islands.

OK I admit I will be using them for Dystopian wars but you get the idea. So what do we get?

Well we get 4 islands – two larger islands and two smaller ones. All done in white styrene that should be nice and easy to paint (well unless you are thinking of doing the white cliffs of Dover like me)

Below are some images with my EotBS fleet nearby to give an idea of scale and pictures do a better job than I can;


As you can see they are all really well finished and can be used straight away if you choose to, although they do recommend trimming down excess styrene.

Which I would also agree with just to clear them up however I have a plan of adding small amount of “beaches” to all my islands in certain spots by adding some sand to the extra styrene.
Which should hopefully work well.

What you get for your money

The 4 islands with the level of detail (and amount of styrene you actually get) I would defiantly say they are worth the cost they come in at and the P&P even out of the UK is VERY reasonable.

If you play Uncharted Seas/Dystopian Wars or any naval game for that matter. Hell even if you want some nice impassable terrain on your board you can not go wrong with these (not a bad word to say).


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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