Ogre Kingdom magic items

Following on from my look at the magic items within the rulebook. I thought it would be an idea to look at some of the magic items available to specific armies. With that in mind here is what you can get in the OK book.

As before I will cover everything and then cover what is not really worth it at the end;

Thundermace Although I would to take an army specific weapon where possible for fluffy reasons, this is just leaves me feeling cold far too expensive for what it does.

Siegebreaker Again like the Thundermace just too expensive to be of much use. I don’t really have much to same, except this makes me sad 😦

Gnoblar Thiefstone – A really interesting item that provides you with magic resistance and a random magic item that destroys any other standard version of that item in either army. Unfortunately, for me magic resistance isn’t really that great . Make sure you plan your item selection around its effects as you don’t want to hurt yourself, the harming of an enemy is just a bonus. On the other hand, I prefer to know what bonus I am getting and would generally prefer to just buy the item I really want rather than the randomness.

Greedy Fist – A very nice Talisman providing a strength buff, light protection, and potentially really cool secondary effects – a successful parry save destroys magic weapons and each hit the ogre lands on a wizard steals magic levels. Then again, most wizards are just dead when fighting an ogre. The notable exception is the impact that this may have when battling big things such as Vampires.

Gut Maw – A bit of protection item, but rather expensive. It still restores a hero’s wounds after winning a challenge (so better on a Tyrant/Brusier build). What is nice is the added Terror it kicks out which is very nice against the right armies.

Grut’s Sickle – A risky arcane item that can enhance your magic phase nicely providing +2 to cast, but harms your own units by doing a wound, and will kill the wielder if you are really unlucky by rolling snake eyes at the end of the phase, VERY risky on your chief magic user. Especially if you are using a Slaughtermaster as your general.

Hellheart – This is a crazy item You can change the shape of certain games by forcing a miscast on all enemy magic users within a random radius. Against undead, it could be the deadly losing their vampire/Hierophant. The downside is that anti-miscast gear/abilities still works, so the Slann’s cupped hands thingy is going to be horrible for you. Despite that, it is well worth taking in most armies.

Rockeye – An item that reveals enemy secrets, it is not bad and if you have some spare points and already got the ironcurse icon why not?

Rune Maw – An unusual item this one. It lets you in theory dispel a spell as you must find a new target for it on an easy roll. If there is not a viable a target then it has no effect (but still counts as being cast). Only spells that target the unit can be ‘dispelled’ in this manner. It’s tough as yes you can protect a unit BUT it gets passed onto support units so basically. This brings in some choices as you need to be very careful with positioning or just make sure you have lots of gnoblars.

Dragonhide Banner – A very nice banner, if you get the charge (which you always want as an OK player). The re-rolling of 1s is great and the breath attack that hands out ASL can be great for following turns.

As mentioned before like with the other posts I will list the items I would not bother with;

Thundermace and Siegebreaker

Such a shame that all the items have their uses but the weapons.

If you don’t agree please let me know or if you think that some of my no go list is worth a punt.


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