Hind Commander Miniature Review

Welcome to another miniature review 😀

This time it is miniatures for use with Hind Commander you may remember the rules review.

I got these direct from the website. Although I have been made aware by them that all their miniatures are produced by company Odział Ósmy and are repacked for Assault Publishing.

So what did I get? I got the Apocalypse starter box set which includes the following;

4xAH-1, 6xUH-1, 2xOH-6, 2xF4E, 5xM48, 10xM113, 10xTruck, 15xInfantry team which for the price even with European P&P is great value.

Such a tiny tiny box!!!!

General observations – I know I seem to be doing some small stuff recent with 15mm but this is just silly its stupidly small. I will need my glasses and the other halfs as well to see these 😉

What I will say is the detail is superb and if anything a little scary as well just SO small yet you can see a lot of detail…

First discovery is the little acetate piece of paper that has circles on it

Thats right you get given some nice (see-through) helicopter rotors both for the main one as well as small ones for the tail. I will say this is a nice touch but I am dreading trying to affix the small tail ones.

Now onto the actual miniatures as you can see from the 2 pictures below;

There is some fine detail going on with all the different options you have within the box from the infantry right up to the large planes. Great bit of detail.

Now for the scale shot;

I told you they were small even the CGM 15mm miniature is a giant next to them.

Conclusion – Did I mention these things are small!!!!! VERY SMALL! Anyway they a great little miniatures with some nice details and also not much flash although there is a small amount here or there but with this level of size I can forgive it.

I would say it is worrying when you first see the size of them and you look and think how am I going to paint that. I am considering a challenge to see if anyone can paint eyes on the infantry 😉

But I think it shouldnt be too bad but time will tell (when I get the courage to do part 2).

For now these come recommended and worth a shot as something different certainly scale wise….


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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