The New Epic Warlocks

We now have all 4 new epic warlocks available for us to look from the new book.

Epic Baldur

Epic Grissel

Epic Vayl

Epic Hexeris

All reasonable sculpts and all for the most part different from their prime counterparts. Although I am still sulking I didn’t get Wold Baldur!!!!

Now I know that the shift to epic is very much dependant on the type of story arc they go through which is very understandable but what has me a little sad is the fact we have not seen anyone go really EPIC since Thaggy hulked out and maybe with the fact we know we will no longer be getting the epic bases of yesteryear (and I agree wholeheartedly with the reasons why).

Being a person who goes with the miniature first rules second (shiny syndrome)  I have found these epics I am a bit meh! Now here is the odd part if they were brand new warlocks I would be very excited about some of them Vayl and Hexxy being the 2 I really like but knowing they have a history to live up to the excitement is dulled.

I do wonder if the first 2 books of MkII were all about the Battle Engines (which are awesome) and delivering these at the expense of other things certainly miniature wise.

Sorry about the rant and slightly downbeat post as I try to look at all things miniature related and certainly hope I don’t go anywhere near nerd rage. But these are the first group of miniatures released from PP that have not caught my imagination in any way. Maybe it is the history of the epics that is colouring my views of these miniatures I hope not but I look forward to Domination regardless.


One comment on “The New Epic Warlocks

  1. “. . .we know we will no longer be getting the epic bases of yesteryear (and I agree wholeheartedly with the reasons why)”

    Has Privateer Press said that they aren’t making warlocks/casters with 50mm bases anymore? Please do another article on that subject if you’ve heard something, thx.

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