Freebooter’s Fate Week – Day 2

Welcome back ya land lubbers to Freebooters Fate week! Please keep reading or I be forced to Keel haul  ya and send thee to Davy’s!!

So today I will be looking at the factions you can play in the game!!

The Pirates

“sir, Sir, SIR”

“What is it boy?”

“Is that one of our ships sir?”

“I do believe it is, looks like young Captain Smithe’s boat”

“Why is it coming straight at us, Sir?”

“mmmh good point lad, signal them would you please”


“Any reply lad?”

“erm, Yes sir”


“prepare to be board, Sir”


“They raised the skull and crossbones sir”


“Pirates sir”


“oh shi………”

A bunch of smelly, drunk, heavily tattooed, criminals of the high seas!! I so want to be a pirate :D!!!

Once a minor annoyance to the mighty Imperial Armada times have changed and now they are almost equals on Leonera! Although still a motley bunch of rat tails they can fight well and the promise of doubloons is enough to demand loyalty! If not rum will probably do the trick!

The pirates are the archetypal faction of the game they can do well with both pistol and cutlass but if mis-used can be overpowered by either method!!

The Imperial Armada

“Jack would ya look at all that there GOLD!!”

“I aint sure this is right ya know!! I mean gold just lying in the middle of the street”

“Come on it’s an easy find”

“Okay come on but keep your eyes peeled”




“We didn’t steal anything yet”

“yeah, anyway this is finders keepers”


The once great Armada is now struggling to keep hold of its power as it tries to stem the pirates as well as cope with increase in assassinations and the rise of the goblin menace.

But despite this the Armada will not yield they will not let these problems tarnish the Empires reputation they will stand to the last man and they will overcome!!

Kings (haha) of long-range they can throw out a lot of fire power but close combat is not necessarily they best abilities! Keep the opposition at arms reach and annihilate them with Imperial lead!!

Goblin Pirates

“Gilly do you smell sumat?”

“Yeah smells like a fish market at end of the day”

“Where is it coming from? is it you?”

“No way, who smelt it dealt!!!”

“What was that? Gilly stop messing ‘bout”

“I aint doing anything!!”

“Is that a goblin?”

“erm theres more than one!!!”

“Bloody hell, look at ‘em all”


“Gilly? Gilly?”


The goblins are everywhere!! Well there are the natives who have started to come out of the jungle due to the loud bangs and shiny things!! While there is also the escaped slaves/pets brought from the old world! But as they begin to integrate there is no way of telling which is which! Well except for an Orc leader who thinks he is a goblin………

These guys are your swarm army you will be able to out-number everyone else on the islands! So use it to your advantage and overwhelm them in combat!!

The Brotherhood

“Gilly ya little coward!”

“Listen I aint having anything to do with them Goblins!!”

“Still a bloody coward! Anyway let’s go to the dog and bone”

“Yeah nice drink calm me nerves”

“I know a short cut down here”

“ya sure?”

“Yeah course! Anyway heard Russo is looking for help”


“Gilly? Gilly? Stop messin’ bout!!”

“Bloody hell stop it”

“Gilly, get up come on!!, whats that on your chest?”

“My knife!”

“Ya what?”

The Brotherhood are a group of very stylish assassins. They have a master plan that entails the fate of the island and nothing will stop them from achieving it! Even if some may have lost sight of it!!!

The Brotherhood are your quick-moving strike first, strike for anywhere army! If you want to be sneaky and don’t care for terrain getting in the way then these guys are for you!!


“Told ya, I won’t work for ya!”

“How about this then good sir”


“mmmh now that I think bout it I could certainly help you a little”

“Really, and now?”


“By my dear old mom, I think we have ourselves an understanding”


Everyone has a price and those who want that little bit more become Mercenaries and work for the highest bidder! No questions asked but be careful is someone else comes in with a better offer!!!

The Mercenaries are not a faction but can be hired by the main factions, for a price and they bring something unique to the chosen faction that they may not have previously had access to!

Next up a look at the miniatures themselves AND the rule book


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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