It is a sad weekend, but I have to hope that we can still make a difference😦

But for now back to the warm embrace of shiny

Games This Week

Managed a couple of games of Guild Ball, first time with my Alchemists against Spuddy’s new Morticians (changing team quicker than I can). Ended up coming  out 12-6 winners with 2 goals as well. Even managed to get a turn 1 goal with Vitirol something I have never managed before. A second game this time with the Hunters and I managed to come out 12-8 winner in that one as well, although that was down to a failed shot to win by Scalpel. I am slowly getting better with the Hunters but boy am I struggling with which team to put out with them still.

Another game of infnity which I lost 3-4 against the Haqqislam, slowly trying on the various options seeing what I like. So much choice!!

Hobby This Week

More Gasland painting and some Nomads as well, as I look to clear some space to paint up the Hunters next month in time for the August event I have on the cards..

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Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – vSpigot

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

So who comes up first, well it had to be the reformed character of Spigot, the footballing god is back..


He is average speed for a player in guild ball and his TAC is also in that area. His DEF is on the low side but he does have ARM. His INF is an average amount as well, while his KICK is great it is on par with most other strikers in the game and in Brewers is only outdone by a Heroic Play boosted Friday.

Character Traits

Match Fit – If he has the ball then he gets a boost to his MOV, which actually makes him Fishermen fast.

Close Control – Once a turn he can ignore the first Tackle result against him. Pretty powerful as it will cost at least 2 INF to get the ball of him. However knockdown (or Rough Seas on Corsair) will ignore this, so be wary against he is hitting him.

Paint on Your Boots – While near a board edge he gains Poised, which means he gets 1 free counter-attack. A very strong ability to have on a ball handler, combined with Close Control he can be an incredible holder of the ball.

Heroic Play

Back to His Best – This gains him +1 DEF, putting him to the average end of DEF rather than meh, but also he gets to make Kicks without the INF cost. This means if he is in Goal range he actually only needs 2 momentum to have a shot on goal and momentum is not something Brewers struggle with. It also means when the dice fail you, you can have another try without worrying about needing INF to kick.


The usual short playbook (compared to TAC) for a Brewer and he has momentum generation at all columns. He has a MP Knockdown but that is probably only going to be for charges. However, he does have a momentous tackle on column 1 which is great. He also has access to pushes and some non-momentous dodges (with tackle) which could be worth it, once the team has momentum on the board already.


Goad – Costs 1 INF, this play is a great way of messing with one player on the board. Imagine Shark having to move away from your Goal or making Princess leave the area in which she can help Brisket/Boiler. This works even better if you can move afterwards as generally you will be out of threat range of all of players this way.

Balls Gone – Costs 2 Guild Balls (2 hits), it is non-momentous, but when you need the ball elsewhere quickly it is very effective. If you are ready to launch Mash/Friday then this is a great way of ensuring they have the ball.


He is a great taker and user of the ball, can can certainly go get the ball off anyone apart from some of the really fast Fish players who can stay out of his threat range yet still threat themselves. However once he has the ball, he becomes something pretty scary, extended MOV and already decent KICK means he can threat a long way (in fact only a fully boosted Friday with normal spigot heroic and her own can out-threat vSpigot). Brewers now can play very football heavy and yet still keep some of there I am going to stamp on you feel.

Comparison between Spigots –  We have gone from the support speed/kick buffing drunk Spigot to the selfish I want the ball glory hunting Spigot.

Losing Tooled Up, football Legend and Time’s Called means you are going to have to look elsewhere to get some extra speed  (esters) and the slightly reduced damage output for a player will of course be a loss for the likes of Hooper (and Scum😉 ), but you gain a player who can show everyone how to play football…..Usually on his own!! But also means you don’t need to bunch up to ensure players are getting all the boosts available.

Infinity Idiots is HERE

iiv2It’s here and it is only going to get better……hopefully!

A few of us have dipped the gaming toe into Infinity so what better way to show how bad we are then to record the games?!

Click the button above to go see the community page on FB or better yet check out the first battle report.