Muck Spreading the Farmers – Harrow

Well this one is going to be a Harrow-ing post…(sorry, not sorry).


His speed is pretty average, as is his TAC and as his KICK. His DEF is a bit meh and he doesn’t have no ARM either. His INF generation is average but he doesn’t have an average maximum.


Charmed (animal) – Gets a boost to his DEF against animals. This is fluffy for a farmer but in game is not going to help too much really.

Rapid Growth – At the start of the maintenance phase before conditions are sorted all friendly models in the aura get healed a little bit. Really helpful to have around and the size of the aura makes it worthwhile.

Look Busy! (captain) – A great trait that allows you a free use of the character play Sow the Seeds when he is near a captain. Very powerful and easy way to get the Reap & Sow mechanic going..


Decent playbook for him with good momentum generation (4/5 columns) he does suffer from the first column no MP curse though. He brings a little bit of damage output but really he is all about get his play off. But he can knock down or tackle for momentum as well. Which is always handy. He also has some pushes for when he needs it.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, grants +1 DMG to character plays and playbook damage. Seen elsewhere and is still nice on some of the other models in farmers (looks at the donkey).

Sow the Seeds – Costs 1 guild ball (2/3 hits), Lets you drop a harvest marker down when you do this play. What is really helpful is it is NOT once per turn. Which means there is the potential to hand out 4 harvest markers a turn. Which can easily feed most of the team.


He is going to have a big old target on his back, as he generates so many harvest tokens that dealing with him will be high on your opponents list as removing those markers will neuter a lot of your other players. So keep that in mind, beyond that he is a great support piece that is going to help the entire team at some point during a game!

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#WAAC Black Library Raffle

The generosity of strangers is an amazing thing really and WAAC has certainly started something that makes me incredibly proud of this hobby community!!

So a very nice young man called Jamie (aka @_hotrodthug on Twitter go follow him) has donated 2 Black Library prints (around the A3 size) which you can see below.










Now the hope is that these will become signed Black Library prints and it is something we are working on achieving (if there is someone in particular you would like to sign but them in our direction ;))

Anyway for those that have not come across WAAC before a quick catch up.

In 2014 I lost my Mum to Cancer, the MacMillan Nurses were amazing in looking after my Mum but also my Dad and I wanted to give back to them. So far in the 3 years we have run this we have raised over £16000!!!

So please if you want to help with a donation, run an event, raffle some models please let me know 🙂


  1. 1 Raffle ticket = £1 donation to
  2. Multiple purchases are fine (MOAR tickets = MOAR chances) so feel free to give me all your monies 😉
  3. When you donate please ensure that you say HotRods Prints in the comments
  4. Please make sure JustGiving have your email (you may need to log in) as I will need those emails to contact the winner. IF you don’t want them to have your email feel free to drop me a DM on social media.
  5. The draw closes on the 23rd of October 2017 to allow us time to try to get these bad boys signed.
  6. The aim is for the first winner to get first pick of prints and the second winner gets whats left 🙂
  7. I am not responsible for rules governing other countries, with regards raffles/gambling so you as individuals will need to take responsibility for those not me.
  8. Finally remember WAAC has a new meaning Wargamers All Against Cancer!