Raising the Morticians (S2) – Bonesaw

Season 2 has started for the dirty Morticians and they have themselves a striker at last and he is on a 50mm base. But is Mist out of a job? Let us see…Its BS time!


He has reasonable speed although he still wont keep up with the really fast. His TAC is rubbish hits like a mascot!! His DEF is average with no ARM and his INF is also average for guild ball. His KICK is pretty good, not super striker level put he will do a job for you.

Character Traits

Reanimate – He just wont die!! Like a lot of the big guys in Morticians (yes I know he is not big just on a big base) he will require a fair amount of resources to take him out. As every turn when he is first reduced to 0 HP he gains 3 back and removes all conditions. Very powerful ability as it is equivalent of an extra INF to take him out.

Offensive Defence – After his activation has finished he gains +1 DEF when targeted by an enemy model for the rest of the turn. It makes him that much harder to deal with later into the turn. However it can mean you need to activate him early to protect him. Timing could be key. Unless Morticians get away to mess with an enemy’s activation order…….

Heroic Play

Swift Wind – For the cost of a MP, he gets to ignore round terrain like glide but he also gets to ignore intervening models. He can’t finish with an overlapping base BUT it does mean he can go near enough where he wants. He still takes parting blows, but it does mean he can jump over your own players as well. Interestingly it also means it will be hard for the opposition to have intervening models between him and the goal. As he can just jump over them and deal with just the engaged penalty.


A small playbook to match his TAC, he does however have access to MPs on every column which is awesome. He has easy access to Tackles and does a little damage and manoeuvring as well. His plays are what you want as it is the only way to use them and they are amazing.


Football Dervish – Costs 1 Guild ball (which is 2 hits), this has loads of potential as it causes a bit of damage but then allows you make a KICK without spending the INF. He has the potential to score some hilarious goals. On the charge with a wrap around he can in theory momentous tackle and 2” dodge, cause 2 DMG and make a KICK (could also use his other play instead of the Tackle). If you spend the MP, then that is a KICK on goal. Obviously it is also a great way to get rid of the ball in those hairy situations.

Unexpected Arrival – Costs 2 Guild balls (which is 3 hits), this is an impressive ability that makes him that much harder to deal with a 3” pulse that pushes all enemy models 4” away from. This will open up some huge gaps in an enemy’s line and really disrupt those that need to be close for buffs. It also obviously leaves him completely unengaged as well. The possibilities of jumping over an opponent then pushing them towards the rest of your team can’t be ignored either.


He is the Striker Morticians have been waiting for, he fits so well into their play style it’s almost like the guys know what hey are doing ;) It is going to be very hard to take him out and even harder to stay in melee with him.

He isn’t straight forward as say Mist is but he will do the job for morticians as he wont just be about the goals he could prove very disruptive, plus the pushes of opponents into your other players will add more to the control feel of Morticians.


So Black Friday models for Wyrd dropped this week and some nice looking stuff is in there. Have to say as I move to concentrate on one faction at a time a bit more. That the mass buying has died down a fair bit, which means as I have moved onto NB for the next few months most other stuff can wait. So Lelu and Litiu will be had by myself. Plus the 10th anniversary model is very nice so that may need to slip in as well…… Question is nightmare Coryphee for Collodi yeah or nay mmmh.

In other news I host most of the blog photos on google BUT something has changed which means it is very hit or miss if people can see them so I am going to be trying a new site to see if it works better (keep me informed as I can always see them)..

Tournament Thoughts

So next week is a little Guild Ball tournament locally in Leeds which is awesome :) I had an easy time about which faction to pick basically came down to Butchers as a) not many in attendance from the look of things b) I am fully painted c) I sort of know what I am doing.

With that done it was down to the slightly harder task of picking the 8 players I am allowed to bring… First up Ox and Princess.. Hang on that was easy almost like I had to use them…..oh wait ;)

So 6 spots left and I have the following models to pick from; Boar, Boiler, Brisket, Decimate, Gutter, Meathook, Rage, Shank, Tenderiser.

As this is still season 1, I like Meathook but her lack of INF hurts me a little too much at the moment so she is getting cut. Meanwhile Boar as a big hitter always worth taking even if it is just as a nasty distraction to my opponent. Shank also gets the nod as he is actually my best goalscorer due to his ability to get out-of-the-way. Gutter also gets thrown in as I find that harpoon of hers too good to getting enemy models into my charge ranges, she is also proofing a helpful way to remove gluttonous mass for me as cheaply as possible!! Boiler is always good to have around and also brings the ARM debuff like Gutter plus some bleed is handy. So that is 4 picks and 1 drop so far, which leaves me with 2 spots and the following left;

So knowing there is some Brewers at least coming means early Knockdown hurts so Decimate second wind will be helpful more so if engineers are also about. However that would mean taking similar set up as last tournament which is boring ;) so he is a maybe at the moment.

So Brisket and I have never really got on (lowest number of picks by me), however against certain teams I think she makes something hard to deal with if she leads the line with the right buffs. I can have her at DEF 6+ and ARM 2 which means she is going to be a hard nut to crack. So perhaps she is worth another go?!

That leaves Rage and Tenderiser, now Rage is the equivalent of Boar BUT with much better DEF which means he isn’t as bad as the big guy as for giving up momentum. This means I will only take 1 of them to this event and the threat of Boar is always going to win out I feel. Next time Rage I promise..

While Tenderiser is the new guy and offers some interesting choices but brings so little INF it hurts, but I love the model and he has potential maybe he can deliver at last with it..

So the list is Ox, Princess, Boar, Brisket, Boiler, Shank, Gutter, Tenderiser/Decimate..

Yep can’t fully decide think it will have to be a call on the day between the last 2, unless I wobble completely and take Rage instead of Boar. DAMNIT!!

Games This Week

Had a great game of malifaux this week, playing against the band using Lilith. They are mental and although perhaps not greatly competitive but they do lead to a great game regardless of the result (did win 8-7). Lilith has so much utility and think I am only scratching the surface, I know that good players say don’t worry about her sword. But this game I couldn’t ignore it, she managed to kill Sloth, Envy and Lust over the game. I did use some of her other abilities which are just cool. More practice is needed.

Hobby This Week

Still on my no painting ‘ban’ only another week to go..

There has been some brain itches towards resurrecting the Grotau conversions, we shall see if anything happens

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