Meat The Butchers (S2) – Truffles

Here Piggy piggy pig…oh S&”% its actually coming.. Truffles is coming, this pig blows the wolf not the other way round.


Pretty slow for a mascot but she can at least keep up with some of the slower Butchers. Her TAC is average for a mascot as is her KICK, her DEF is average but doesn’t comes with any ARM and INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Tough hide – Will keep her in the game longer which is great.

Sturdy – She is so big he just rolls back round to be stood up if you try and knock her down.

Smell Blood – Gives her a boost to charge models that have bleed on them and she does extra damage against them.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on all columns which is great. This includes a momentous knock-down and damage on the columns. This means if Bleed is about and any additional bonus damage (Rage/Ox) then the piggy can actually do some nasty damage on the charge. OK its perfect storm but with Ox (trait and Legendary) and tooled up from Rage plus going into targeted Rage has already hit gives +4 dmg and with the charge and gang up allowing for some possible wraps you could easy go over 10 damage.


Hog Wild – Costs 1 INF, an unusual play as it allows her to make a jog the next time she takes damage from a play/attack. This is interesting as it can mean she doesn’t get locked into combat BUT she would take a parting blow as it isn’t a push. So you are going to need to be very careful how you apply this.


So the pig loves bleed, which means you are going to be looking at a team with Fillet, Rage, Boiler and Meathook about. The pig wants to charge which means you are going to want to have some INF on her, which means you are going to have to be careful how you adjust your INF balance in the team, plus she is usually wanting to go after someone who can hand out bleed to boost her speed.

What this actually means is both captains will find use for him, as Fillet can do the bleed BUT Ox is a bit less selfish with his INF as he is a walking buff machine.

The hard choice is based on the rest of your team, if Boiler and Brisket are in the team then princess is generally going to be more helpful as she doesn’t need the INF but boosts both players, while Truffles needs the boosting. She certainly gives you a hard choice on the mascot front though and this choice is probably more done to personal preference.


So GW have created boxes with rules, I really like the terrain GW has always created but really?! In game rules for shipping containers???

Anyway a quick fire poll on social media a lot of people wanted to see Autumn Hunter paint scheme but I am seeing a lot of them at the moment. May ignore you all and go Winter, will need to find a balance to stop me going snow blind though.

As some of you may know, the wife is expecting our second a the backend of the year which means I will be keeping my eye out for a project to get now to take me through the time she is on Maternity and money is tighter. Which means I will be looking at shifting some stuff or who knows I may just finish that Eldar army, the one started when cub was born.

Games This Week

Managed a couple of games of Guild Ball, first time with the Hunters and boy are they going to need to thought as to how use best. A tough team to get your head around, activation order is going to be important. First game against a decent Butchers player was a 2-12 lose but that was about me trying things out in the team (and forever forgetting the free forest with Theron). Second game went a bit better a 12-4 win against Esters and her Brewers. Very cagey match but it was almost won by Jaecar on his own so much damage potential, while Theron and blocked up the biggest threat in this case Hopper. Poor fella couldn’t do much:) I do need to make use of Blessing of the Sun Father more, as I struggle with INF in the Hunters after spending time with Fishermen and Morticians lately.

Hobby This Week

The Alchemists are nearly complete with only captains left to do:) which means I should be able to finish the nomads I have in time for extras arriving soon….

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Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Tentacles

The Octopi is HERE to the fanfare of all Fish but can it replace Salt? Its time to try to handle all those arms… Tentacle Time.


Pretty slow for a Fishermen but on par with Kraken and Corsair, its TAC is average for a mascot but it has a great KICK for a mascot (still low for a Fishermen but still), its DEF is average and comes with ARM as well and INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Close Control – You try and get a ball of something with 8 legs…

Tag Along – An amazing ability as he is slow for a fishermen option, he moves when a friendly model moves this actually makes him pretty fast if he takes a ride with the likes of Sakana.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on all columns which is great. This includes a momentous Tackle and the also pushes as well.


Blind – Costs 1 INF, we all know this is a nasty ability and ensures some of those big hitters are not so scary. Or neuter the opposition striker all viable options and worth having the INF on it to make use of the play most turns (if you hit).


He is a pretty good mascot who actually brings a different way of getting the ball if you wish to. On top of easy Tackle and Blind, he is probably going to be popular.

Now where does this leave Salt, I am afraid unless you want the bonus DEF on Angel he may not see the table as much anymore. On the face of it Tentacles is more useful to either captain at the moment. A decent ball keeper and annoyance especially against other ball playing teams. Getting that ball of it is going to cost as you need to get round close control and then deal with a potential counter attack. Means unless you have a knock-down its a lot of INF to get it off it.

State of the Union (S2) – Strongbox

Its time to continue the look into S2 models, I figured start with the mascots as had to starter somewhere:) so with that its time to look at the slowest mascot around….Its Strongbox time.


So slow so very very slow as you would expect from a Giant Tortoise, his TAC is rubbish but then most mascots are. His KICK is actually not too bad although the range is poor. His DEF is rubbish but he has very good ARM (makes sense) and his INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – He takes less damage which means with the damage boxes he has, he is actually pretty resilient.

Shelling Out – This is actually a really nice trait as it gives your team +1 TAC while near him but you also gain some extra MP when taking a model out which is very healthy thing to have around.


Short playbook as you would expect but he gets momentum on both columns which is great. He has access to Knockdown and Tackle (momentous), which is pretty good really.


Confidence – Costs 1 INF, same range as Shelling Out, this allows you to reroll dice during a character play/attack. With the likes of Gutter and Rage (either one) about this is very helpful and worth considering..


He is generally going to have to have 1 INF on him every turn as he either needs to be somewhere OR you want a player to have confidence. There is going to be the danger that he gets left behind due to the speed, but he does hand out some nice bonuses that it is worth getting him up there.

Shelling Out is wear he will earn his money (as both captains also boost TAC) he can really help the whole team get some of the those juicy higher total plays off. Or even get some wrap-arounds, however he is competing against the snake and it is going to be a tough call which mascot to take. I do think both offer options an extra INF and bonus time for free is great but handing out extra TAC (and MP) to more player without needing to activate also is very strong.

It will come down to preference and also if you can stomach that speed difference, this may end up being the call you make between the two reptiles. It is worth noting vRage can help the speed issue but it becomes INF intensive so maybe only worth first turn..

Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Quaff

Who had the idea of putting a friendly dog onto a Guild Ball pitch?? All he wanted to do was sleep. Its time to Quaff away some ale..


He is about average for Mascot with his MOV although faster than a number of the Brewer players. TAC is average for a mascot as is his KICK, his DEF is average and comes with ARM as well. However, his INF is standard for mascots but can  use a little more if you want to.

Character Traits

Loved Creature – We have seen it before and if your opponent messes up when he dies they could be in for a world of pain.

Bag of Quaffers – He can once a turn boost a non-captain model with +1TAC which for free is pretty nasty. Hooper would like this for some insane TAC when he gets all his little boosts.


Short playbook (shorter than his TAC) and he has momentum pushes on both columns. So in theory can keep himself out of trouble. He also has access to Tackle but you are probably only thinking this to mess with your opponents plans rather than using the ball.


Second Wind – Costs 2 INF, in a team which can be a little on the slow side giving them access to an extra Jog is pretty nice. The likes of the goal-scorers with the 4” push on top of this could be well out of harms way after scoring. Or you can get the likes of Tapper who has just taken someone out, out of an unfavourable threat range. Takes some forward planning but is pretty good in the right situation but is a tad expensive.


A completely buffing only mascot, in a similar way to Princess and Scum, but with the whole team in mind. Bag of Quaffers is a great boost to the hitty Brewers and makes Hooper even more scary (and not miss commanding aura as much). While Second Wind has its uses in moving your faster players around but also making sure no-one is left behind. Looking at you Stoker and Stave.

He will be more helpful in an Esters team as Scum is just so powerful for Tapper, however doubling the TAC bonus near Tapper could also be pretty helpful as well. But I think in the end the extra 2 INF granted by the cat is too good to pass up.