These have been made to allow me to have some gunmages in my crews without getting my hands on the released models. Suppose the bloke could double as a desperate merc…..if I wanted to.






I am back people, I erm….. have nowt to say other than dont go back to work midweek after a holiday, boy does it mess you up :S

Anyway go look at all the shiny that came out while I was away (while I brood that I missed GenCon sales this year).

I will say this the new Malifaux masters do have me excited again for the game, so hopefully so more content will happen as I get more games played🙂

Games This Week

Still trying to get back up to speed and recover from the Holiday…..I may need another one!!

Hobby This Week

Nearly finished the Hunters, which should be just in time for the tournament down sarf next week🙂

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