Its a bank holiday here in the UK so hopefully the weather isnt terrible and people can get out and udercoat🙂

At time of writing I am gearing up for the WAAC tournament down in deepest darkest Norwich where the battlehammer roam free. Which will help push us over the total, which means we have raised £15000 for MacMillan Cancer which is just immense😀

As you may know I have started up the Youtube channel with some locals all called the Infinity Idiots. The problem with this is the same problem I had with the blog before it settled down. I want to try lots of new things to build content for it lol.

However we have managed to keep at just Infinity, Guild Ball, Dark Age, malifaux and soon some Bushido. But keep your eyes peeled I sure other stuff will be appearing…

But even bigger news, after around a year of solid Guild Ball fun and games, I am back on the faux wagon and looking to get some games of the wyrd kind again. Plus news of a store opening up in Halifax soon, a chance for tournaments again (I dont travel well and rubbish at sorting myself out). Wooooooo!

Games This Week

Got a game of Dark Age in this week, which you can see on the Infinity Idiots channel;

Also got in some faux this week, in a Jack Daw off in reckoning we came out as 6-6 draw, have to say I really enjoyed getting back in the saddle. Even Rich was a decent opponent😉

Hobby This Week

I am back on malifaux painting :O yes Jack Daw in all his months of undercoated glory is going to see some paint applied to him. Mainly as I am too scared to try Mr Buckys Lessons.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

#WAAC – Super Happy Dance


I dont usually post on Fridays, BUT for those keep up we where this morning close to hitting a VERY VERY big total.

For those that are keeping up and are good with sums, that is;


You heard me, we have passed a truly mind-boggling total! Like totally amazing, I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Thank you one and all for making this happen, thank you.


These have been made to allow me to have some gunmages in my crews without getting my hands on the released models. Suppose the bloke could double as a desperate merc…..if I wanted to.