Plague Marines


2 Guys done so far and for good reason as I only have 2 units of Plague Marines done. Another 5 to go, Now for those keeping up. My aim was always to mix my 30k and 40k together. I like to think I have managed this with unit number 1, as what we have here is a plague marine champion, 4 normal bolters and those are not volkites they are blight launchers πŸ™‚



Warzone Studio Alternator Review

Hello, back again with another review this time with a really cool piece of terrain from the guys at Warzone Studio

This is the Alternator set which comes in at $24.50 which is a decent price for what you are getting.


So nicely wrapped up (ignore the kit to the left that will come later :)) the kit is well cut and you wont have much waste with this one, which is always good to see, shows a bit of thought has gone into things.


3 sections of mdf and if you look carefully you can see the bend bits at the bottom which give the kit its cool look.


Near enough built at this stage, I did find some of the connections a little tough to get right mainly because some parts where super tight to fit. This did mean I need to do some trimming, this isn’t a bad thing as I would prefer snug too loose. I would certainly suggest lot of dry fitting with this kit rather than make my mistake and build it to quickly and need to tweak.


Finally a quick scale shot to give you an idea how big this kit is!!


A great little (big) kit for a decent price, be wary about how tight the fittings are though don’t dive straight into building it. It is perfect for anyone in need of some LoS blocking terrain as that is exactly what that will do. Overall a fun little terrain piece that is certainly striking.



So many Poxwalkers, it has been years since I have had to paint such large units (like when I had a Skaven army!!!)


I may MAY need another 10 of the them to make 2 units of 20 but we shall see if I can stomach that πŸ˜‰

I did have fun with a glue gun though, melting faces adding glue which made for some interesting looks on some of the models, all random of course but still fun πŸ™‚



Not much to say this week except well that Primaris Super Heavy from Forge World!! Has to be the most mental thing I have seen, since well the Repulsor πŸ˜€

Games This Week

A great game this week in which I got to take the Death Guard out for a spin against the white scars! We played a maelstrom game at 2500pts. My list obviously had Morty in, who lets say is as much as a beast as you would expect him to be.

The game ended 18-10 to myself and I did end up boarding the White Scar Primaris army but it wasnt till end of turn 3 that things started to swing. The number of mortal wounds the army can hand out is nasty and for a pretty elite army like Primaris marines it is going to hurt.

Some of the standout moments of the game include, Xiphon Interceptor flyer refusing to hit Morty with all his missiles and lascannons!! Tyhpus periling twice and dying to it! A Blight Drone single-handingly standing/floating in front of 2 units of hellblasters, surviving and killing a unit and then holding the Primaris Captain in combat for 3 rounds before going down!

That little drone was the man of the match as he literally would not die! Although I may stop taking Typhus as he is not doing me any favours and keeps dying.

Hobby This Week

Still more work on the Death guard, but we are very very close to being at 5000pts for WHW :O

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Batman Second Edition Starter Set Reviews

Got my hands on the following new plastic starter sets from Knight models (all thanks to Leodis Games).

The first thing that strikes you is how small the packaging is now, at a guess we are talking about 30% small footprint than the older blisters which across a range is significant reduction.

First thing we notice in the box is how small the cards have got now. They are now the same size as ‘standard’ cards we see in the majority of games.

This is a double edged sword for people, as the cards take up much less space on the gaming board which is huge BUT as players need a way of tracking their dice/markers during the making the plan and during the turn itself does mean you could have some mistakes occurring as things move about inevitably during a game. Expect lots of 3rd party options to deal with it (nods towards Red Beam).

But now for some shiny models..

The number of pieces are low in general, with the prisoner set all being 1 piece.

Looking at the models I think the scale is still the same so no creep like other game systems recently πŸ˜‰

So the detail is amazing, something that KM are always good at but these are just wow!!

These are going to be a joy to paint.

There is a concern with the resin/plastic though some of thin pieces have feel that they could be a little brittle.

My sword did suffer in transit which is sad face but easily fixe.

So overall…

Wow KM have knocked these out of the park!! If this is the future of the quality and price. Truly amazing stuff, and maybe a sign of things for Harry Potter!

If you fancy so of the shiny at a great price make sure you check out Leodis and his Haribo…..sorry and his models πŸ˜‰