Old Stuff Day 2015

Well it is here ladies and gents;

It all began with Warhammer 39,999 began Old Stuff Day.

In other words it is a chance for bloggers to showcase posts that they have done over past year (or longer), that you would like to bring attention to again!

First look at the Stormwall.

The aftermath of my first tournament

and my latest one.

SoH Contemptor dreadnought.

The Birth of WAAC

Floating Enigma Foundry Conversion

Over at HCO they have shown a great way of making the Engima Foundry floating like the artwork

I have to say it is a great job and well worth considering.

Floating Enigma Foundry Conversion.


For my shame I missed last week due to life and laziness (did enjoy the seaside though), I apologise..

So what have I missed well PP made the trip to SmogCon this year and they showed of the shiny new gargantuans which look very cool. But I am little worried we are seeing huge base models so soon after the first round, I am sure they will sell well and sure this is the fruits of the move to hard plastic. BUT I dont think I will be going out and buying the new ones as quick as I did for the inital set.


Hobby This Week

My Von Schill crew is nearly done and plans are afoot to do a Proxy Tara crew and also rescue a Viks crew I got on the cheap. I have finally started building the cephalyx models as well, although they will be magnets involved so my take some time..

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

#ToMB2 vs #ToMB2

Got a ToMB2 game recently against the good man GPG.

You can check out the little write-up he did here; ToMB2: First Game.

Check out his conversions using the TTB kits, loving his Cassandra work :)

But now for my thoughts, first his crew and Ironsides. I can see the potential of her, he was just unlucky dealing with a fast Von Schill turn 1 and then me winning initiative turn 2 to finish her off. But the Captain WOW I need this guy in my Arcanist crews he is very nasty and well worth a look if you havent already!

Von Schill – Beasted Ironsides (flukey it has to be said) and made a nuisance of himself. If I had realised that the mages did not have H2K and that I wasnt playing Cursed Object (spent so long jumping between taking assassinate and cursed object that I ended up setting that up instead of just killing).

Shirt off upgrade is amazing but can’t be relied on to get the Horror duels to come off.

Trunk – Used much better this game allowing one of the Trappers to heal. Could have been more useful if more Burning had been on the board. But much better use as an activation in this game.

Librarian – A great bodyguard target if she is being played in her support role. She got Von Schill up and running again and generally stayed out-of-the-way.

Trappers – As before the threat of the trapper was scarier than the actual trapper. One did manage to take an Ironsides charge on the chin

Korpsmen  - My scheme runners in these first few lists and I have to say they may some use than a void wretch depending on points. By the end of the game one had claimed 3 squat markers while the other claimed another and acted as a road block. I am finding that their 0 action is a little more situational depending on how I choose to use them.

Specialist – Still struggling to get full use out of him. I think I am using him far too defensively I need to be more aggresive. Not sure why to be honest, he doesnt seem to be working for me at the moment. I will continue to try but think he may be dropped in month 2 for something new and shiny.

#ToMB2 Month 1 – Complete

Well I have managed to do it :) Month 1 purchases for #ToMB2 are complete..


Nine models done in a month is not bad going if I do say so myself! Pretty happy how these have turned out. I may go back an add some weathering pigments to lower half of models for malifaux dust but not sure yet.

The pictures are from my phone not actual camera. I will do some better ones once #ToMB2 is done with everything I have achieved in the year!












Steam Trunk



Von Schill

VS   VS2

So what does Month 2 hold for me? Well lets just say it comes on a 40mm base and leave it at that..

Thunderbear – Mr Tannen

After the muscle we need the little mouthy one to deal with, so its Mr Tannen


Average Df but OK WP means he isn’t too bad for a 6 point model BUT he is slow and has no Cg as well (not that he should be charging). The pushes that help speed him up will be very useful for the little guy..


On to his abilities;

Manipulative – Helps keep him save, the TN is not the highest but most things will need at least a 7 to pass usually so can mean he is slightly harder to target.

Cooler – An amazing ability, which forces an enemy model to discard a card to cheat fate while near him. This will eat through a fate hand so quick. Does make him a target and also easy prey at range so be careful.

Unimpeded – He is slow but at least he doesn’t get tripped up by terrain (small advantages).

Attack Actions

Pocket Knife – Low Ml attack with low damage output. You shouldn’t be using this unless you need to shift something and he is your last activation!

Bore to Tears – A decent Ca action with OK range that does low damage but hands out the codition Bored until after it next activates. What this does is lower both Wk and Cg stats which is very nasty as it will really slow down a lot of models…It also comes with 2 very nice triggers..

  • Yawn – Mask Mask – So only needs an extra Mask but if you are trying to take out a master or Henchmen it is worth throwing a high card to get. It gives the Blocked condition which stops the model using Soulstones, which is huge lets be honest!!
  • This One Is Yours.. – Mask – This is built in and allowsyou to push Mr. Graves towards the model which in turn pays back his push as well.
Tactical Action

Leave it to Luck – His 0 action, that needs any to get off. All models close by treat Masks as having a higher number while Tomes count as being lower. This obivouoly helps anyone who likes Masks for triggers. But bear in mind that you want to activate this early. Which means unless Graves can get his right trigger then you lose part of Tannens defensive abilities in Manipulative.

So, What Brings You To These Parts…? – Another ability to really annoy you opponent as he can give himself the Chatty condition, which means no interact actions near him.


A truly annoying model that is very much different to his bigger buddy. He can in theory shut down so much of your opponents schemes/strat work that he will have a huge bullseye on him so make sure you try and protect him.

Any master will like him, obviously Lynch loves him but so will Mei Feng as well (she likes her triggers).


Big scary ghost? anyone?


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