Fallen (Grey) Knights First AAR

So against a relatively balanced mix Tyranid list. The Grey Knights came up short, twas a brutal game but much was learnt.

Dreadknights are as nasty as you would expect.

I did like the double fist with incinerator build. Gives me the combat output you expect but the Incinerator gives me some range damage while also not needing to worry about moving.

The Grandmaster DK, did what you would expect as well.

Voldus is a beast that is all.

Apothecary I cant score as he died very quickly to a Mawloc.

Paladin ancient is a must and I think I needa second. Also love the relic banner for the super smite.

Brother captain alas I cant score due to a trygon. But his smite extended was nice.

Paladins did well and nearly one shotted the trygon which was pretty epic.

Stormhawk was left pretty much aloneso couldgo about being a pain but hitting in 4s makes me sad.

Finally the troops I liked both the terminators and the strike squads but my main problem is their cost. I feel for what they are they shouldnt he sat on objectives all game. They are takers not sitters in my eyes for their price.

So my take homes from my list abd thr army in general;

Playing elite armies is hard, even harder in 8th due to the love of hordes/alpha strikes.

I dont have much horde removal, I was able to deal with everything else once in combat but hordes are a pain.

Smite phase…..pyskic phase i mean is pretty good do wish that a good roll offered more than just 1 mortal 😦

Speaking of mortal wounds after playing Death Guard having no answer to them AND having so little numbers my word do they hurt.

I feel I need some allies, not a huge fan of the idea but I think i need a deployment area fire base that can sit their maybe offer bubble wrap potential and sit in objectives. Plus if they can add some command points even better.

So my inital thought is Guard or Ad Mech. Now Ad mech are cooler looking bit Guard give me more bodies and cheap lascannons.

Both would give me more modelling options as traitors to add to the Fallen Knights.

Any thoughts / suggestions are welcome.


Fallen Knights Emerge

So get to rock the Grey Knights side of my fallen knights.

Will be against Tyranids more than likely, really interested to see how things go.

So my list is the following and lets me have 7CP.

1 Nemesis Dreadknight with fists, teleporter and Heavy Incinerator

2x 5 man Strike Squads, both woth Falchions, D Hammer and Psilencer.

Terminator unit with Falchions, Warding Stave, D Hammer and Incinerator.

Stormhawk with Lastalon and Typhoon ML.


Paladin Ancient


Brother captain

GM in DK fully loaded

3 Paladins with Falchions and D Hammer.

Almost on the nose at 1999pts, I am expecting the internet to cry out as I havent maxed on the DK and I have terminators in there. But i want to take stuff what i like and see how things go.

Toying with what to add in terms of allies as well. Tzeentch daemons are looking nice for 1k sons so thinking how to merge those into Imperium side of things. So thinking Traitor Guard which would help as theu make super cheap choice for bodies on the ground.

Any thoughts welcome as always.

WIP Fallen Knights and Help Needed

So I said to myself that I would use the blog as a more living blog, rather than just showing what I have painted I would show the process a little more.

With that in mind I have been working on my Fallen Knights, a cross-faction army for 40K which I can use as Grey Knights and as 1k Sons as and when I choose, with hopefully the least amount of effort or different models.

I am working towards the GK side of things as I have that codex 🙂 So here is a WIP shot of one the guys and the look I am going for!

Admittedly it is WIP but you get my bonkers idea. Thoughts are welcome 🙂

My big problem at the moment is how to apply this scheme to this!!

I was thinking tentacles and warpflames etc. on one side of the ship, but I am currently unsure so any help/ideas would be welcome! 🙂

Tabletop Scenics Orc Kustom Workshop Review

Hi all,

Its been a while since I have done some MDF sniffing! Well new year new addiction right? Today I got my hands on some new terrain from a new (to me anyway) company called Tabletop Scenics.

In this case it is the Orc Workshop, which lets be honest is very orc(k)y but it has a strong post apoc feel as well so for anyone playing such things this should fit in nicely!

It’s all nicely packaged with full colour picture of the kit and when we crack it open I am pretty stunned. Not only do I have some nice instructions for building (and all CAD diagrams it’s almost like building a GW kit), we also get a lot of sheets of MDF….sorry HDF must make that difference know 🙂

So the actual kit is a little overwhelming for a terrain kit, we are talking several sheets of the HDF stuff all tightly designed. Something that I did note when looking things over was some of the sheets were thicker than other pieces which in itself is not unusual (thicker bits for weight support etc) but that the HDF is thinner as a material than a lot of MDF I have dealt with in the past.

With this in mind take care as it can be pretty easy to tear pieces as you get them off the sheet. Listen to the instructions given and don’t be ham-fisted like myself!

So of the little details this kit has is pretty damn nice and you can feel the time and effort the guys have put into this.

The build itself was pretty straight forward with the help of the instructions, especially as parts can be scattered across more than one sheet although you will need a full evening if not a little bit more to get this kit built as it is a biggy!

I have to say this is the closest terrain kit that I have played with that you can almost treat like a model kit as the little tweaks you can do as you build means you can actually build something a bit more unique and well more orcy which I suppose is a good thing for the mad greenskin tinkers.

(You may notice my kit has a support strut missing, the middle one. This is totally me being unique and not being ham-fisted during building….honest)

Something I really enjoyed was the layering of pieces in this kit. The roof for instance is 2 layers of HDF. This adds some nice depth to a piece you wouldnt normally get and it looks cool 🙂

The addition of things like the generator and the crane also crammed into this kit means you can really have some fun with it but also its bonus scatter terrain and we all need more scatter terrain.

Scale Shots

As always you don’t appreciate the size of these kits until you have them side by side some models. So if a daemon primarch can almost hide behind it you know you have a decent sized piece of terrain.


If you want your own workshop you can pick it up from HERE, and for the price its rude not too as this is some amazing next level HDF terrain! That OK is very much aimed at a certain sort of green player but the options for post-apoc systems as well is too good to pass up. Now to convince the guys at TS to do a 20mm-ish version for Gaslands 😉

Cult Of Decay Preview

While today the lovely Mr Steele has been sharing elicit photos again, the cheeky scamp!!

So hands up who wants some shiny photos of the new Cult in town for Skarrd?



YES 2 of them

Flesh Echos

Yes lots of echos….a big cavern


Again double sculpt fun


A lady one!!!

The Boss lady


Firing the Blacksmiths – Iron

Everyone needs some Iron in their diet…


He is slow not tortoise slow but you get the idea! His TAC is higher than average but his KICK is very meh. His DEF is rubbish but he does bring some healthy ARM to the table. Finally his INF is also meh he only brings 1 to the table but can take the average from the pool.

Heroic Play

Tryhard – A strange heroic play as he needs to be extremely close to the enemy goal post and then in possession of the ball he can make shots on goal without spending MP but at a negative to the target number.

So the last point cancels out the bonus for being so close to the goal anyway. While the spending of a MP to active the play and not spending the MP to try for a goal again brings you null net gain. Where this play does come into its own is if you miss the first shot and the scatter is favourable for a second try or even a third if you have the INF and fluke with the scatter.


Battering Ram – Great way of messing with an opponent’s positioning as you push people out of bubbles but also just making it harder for them to get favourable movement. While also helping out your team with a little more movement. Does take some thinking about as you need to consider larger melee zones that will mean he will suffer some pain (possibly knockdowns) if he continues to move. But the potential is high to do things with this so always keep it in mind.

Tough Hide – With that amount of armour makes sense you can’t hurt him very well!


Has some scary damage in his playbook but you are only going to see it on the charge or with some set up. He does bring some great double pushes, which is amazing as is the option for some knock down as well. He also has a momentous tackle on column 2 which for someone with a decent goal threat range is nice.

He doesn’t bring on momentum on column 1 though so when the dice fail it is going to hurt! With this and the smaller TAC than playbook length you are probably not going to want him going early in the turn because of the set he needs to get going and the danger of where the momentum generation is on his book.


Impetus – Costs 1 INF, interesting play as it speeds up the big guy significantly to average speed as a jog while his sprint becomes almost godly! But does mean he needs 2 INF on him to get motoring which needs to be considered during the game.


Has the potential to be one of the fastest models in the game, with insane goal threat. However it needs a lot of set up AND INF to pull it off and most of the time you wont have the time to pull it off but it is still there and its fun to terrify your opponent 🙂 He does have some nice damage output but again needs some set-up first. He does make a decent holder of the ball as well, but all this means he is terrifying to play against BUT he is going to need help to do what he can do really! His possible bets use is a bluff way, thrown on Tooled up or use Ferrite to boost his speed and let your opponent assume you are going for damage or ball and attempt the opposite. As your opponent probably won’t naturally play around both possibilities. A very tricky model to get right!

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