Raising the Morticians – Dirge

Next up on the Raising the Morticians posts is the Mascot Dirge.


He is a bird so is super-fast apart from that pretty standard Mascot stats. Low TAC and KICK average (mascot) INF but he does have some decent DEF but obviously no ARM.

Character Traits

Dark doubts – If he is taken out by an enemy attack or play, the enemy team takes a -4MP hit which if near the end of a turn can wipe out the MPs they have gathered up.

Follow up – Basically if an opponent advances away from him he gets to follow them afterwards.

Flying – He is a bird he flies…


Small playbook but it does have a tackle and the Guildball is MP generating as well. Which is nice.


Singled out – Costs 1 guild ball (equivalent to 1 hit), friendly models gain +2 TAC against the target model. A very nice boost especially on top of the crowding out bonus as well (and with Cossett it just gets silly).


He is an annoying bird that your opponent will need to get rid of at some point but they don’t want to do it late turn. This means you can control their activations as the bird will hurt if it doesn’t go down early. Apart from that it can give its INF to Obulus and still keep up with the team, which is very helpful.

Raising the Morticians – Obulus

Welcome to the last team in my team talk series for season 1, no-one likes the deadmen but I suppose they are a viable team. So welcome one and all to Raising the Morticians and as always the Captain first, Obulus.


He is pretty slow but this is easy improved with his character traits. TAC is average for a captain while his KICK is OK but nothing to get excited by. His DEF is average but he also comes with some ARM as well. He does have a nice amount of INF but he can in theory take nearly all the INF in your team as a maximum which we will see why in his plays.

Character Traits

Shadow Like – Allows him a free dodge at the start of his activation, which generally means he isn’t going to be engaged when he starts doing things. Which is incredibly powerful.

Unpredictable movement– As with Shadow like just makes him that much harder to pin down.

Legendary Play

Rigor Mortis – The enemy team lose all their MPs and you gain the same number. This is incredibly powerful if done against any team. If done late game almost guaranteed activation next turn nut is also worth doing after you have say, handed out lots of conditions and you don’t want the opponents to get rid of said conditions..


Some damage output in his playbook and 3/5 columns will give MPs he also has access to Knockdown and tackle (but they don’t generate MP) he also gets some dodges as well which adds up nicely with his other dodges.


Confidence – Costs 1 INF, a friendly model can reroll one OR more of their dice on the next attack/character play during their activation. This is really helpful if you need to hit and/or your luck is rubbish, although rerolling misses may not help if you are me. Worth putting on himself when you consider cost of Puppet Master.

Misdirection – Costs 4 INF, Take 1 INF of an enemy model and assign it to a friendly model. Very powerful as you can mess with an opponents plans, you have 2 INF to charge? Not anymore! Oh look Boar is close, at least he can only hit me twice now. It also helps boost your own INF on Obulus, although expensive if it is just 1 more INF for him.

Puppet Master – Costs 4 INF, gives him a free INF then target model has to take a Jog, Pass or Attack action controlled by you. As this can be both a friendly or enemy model it does open up many options. Get someone to pass you the ball so you can shoot (generates a MP and you have that free INF). Or just rearrange you pieces (or theirs) on the pitch, loads of utility basically.


Despite having some heavy priced plays he is actually pretty INF efficient! Load up with 8 INF, use Misdirection giving himself the INF stolen then Puppet Master for another INF. Means for all that you have removed 1 INF of an opponent model then taken control of a model AND still have 2 INF left to say charge a model or even use Confidence and pass/shot. He works by being quiet central as he needs to be in the middle of his team to get most out of his plays. But generally he is there to annoy your opponent and if need he can make an ok goal threat.

You will find his activation defines your turn overall, as leave him late makes Legendary play very powerful but perhaps you need to slow down and/or mess with the enemy early with puppet master and misdirection. Hitting this balance will be incredibly important for the Morticians.


It’s that time of year again, to done the Green (and pink) and go forth to the BCB tournament in Leeds to raise some cash and play some Warmachine..

Now due to this year being very much the year of Malifaux (and guild ball tagged on the end) I havent actually played any warmachine in a long time………….In fact last years BCB was actually the last time last year I went 2-2 with my first run out with CoC. But this year I want to do better and get that wooden spoon so I am taking Mercs and the reason? I won Thexus as a raffle prize at last years event seemed fitting that I would take him to the same event all painted up :)

Below are my 2 lists and were actually built with BCB in mind..



One is a silly list as not sure Thexus in shrinking killbox is the way to go but meh I really like the Cephalyx models so there you go. Second list is another fun one but possibly a bit more grunt to it! Madhammer and his exploding crew looks like fun to me, plus I have Eiryss in the list so I can deploy her and then forget about her ;)

How will I get on? I have no idea but that Spoon WILL be mine.

Games This Week

Managed to get a campaign game in this week on Vassal. My Gremlins vs Neverborn a brutal game ending up 9-6 to the Neverborn. Fortunately I managed to not come away from it with no injuries and now have H2K on MacTavish which is pretty nice.

Was a great game against John so thanks to him for that, certainly picked up some nice ideas for NB when I switch to them later this year.

Having to deal with a Nekima and Mature Nephilim is very very nasty which I was worried about as I cant help but pick a more balanced list (too me anyway). Which means I didn’t have much to do against 2 fast heavy hitters. Perhaps this is my problem with early campaign games I have been playing there is a lot of skew possible (or worse summoning) that I am struggling to get my head around. Sure I will get there eventually….maybe.

Vassal Ball

I am also trying to get a better grip on who plays Guild Ball on vassal so please sign up on the FORUMS or the new FB page.

Hobby This Week


Now I dont know what to paint lol……

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Tinkering the Engineers – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Tinkering the Engineers series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

What can we expect from a team of engineers then? Well range, lots and lots of range which grants some knockdown and pushes as well.

They also bring a glut of momentum point gathering at the range they have, this is mainly down to Ballista’s bubble Momentous Inspiration any damage at range gives you extra MPs which means you don’t need to get up close and personal to gain momentum, hell you don’t even need to pass the ball!! They are also very good at kicking the ball even the mascot can put in a good show with super kick up, but generally not great on massive damage output (generally looking at 1-2 damage even from range).

So generally what you will see is Ballista, Ratchet and Salvo all together being a MP generating ranged battery, while Mainspring goes to blow up and Colossus and Velocity deal with the ball.

Obviously the 3 mechs in the team love Ratchet for his extra (non-MP) healing and we all know Ratchet is there to create more mainsprings and to sending the little guy off to explode again..

It’s also worth nothing that Ballista’s second wind play works well with ratchets long bomb play as together you can get the ball out of harms way and then be fast enough to get it back as well particularly if its done to one of the faster members of the team (looks at velocity).

They also as a team Tackle very very well, with lots of tackle options sometimes in multiples on the same playbook and a fair amount of MPs being generated from these tackles.

They could be kings of the short passing game, whereas Fishies are about the crazy threat range. Gear heads want to stay with a 6″ bubble so the boys can play with their range weapons (snigger) while also passing the ball between themselves moving up the field. Only worry and issue is with only 2 close control players in the team the others are going to be targets for tackles! How you get over this will make a huge difference for them..

Building the Masons – Brick

The big man of the masons, he certainly hits like his namesake.


Mov – At 4”/6” Brick is slow but he does come with a 2” Melee to make his threat larger. He needs to sit pretty central of the crew keeping charge lanes open as we will see..

Tac – 5 is average for most players in Guild Ball and he is no different.

Kick – At 1/6” he is a bit rubbish with the ball so you probably don’t want him doing too much with it (although Mallets Football Legend aura is always worth remembering).

Def – 2+ is rubbish but also average for most big guys in the game. It is a liability but something you will just need to deal with. Always remember defensive stance for these guys to make him harder to deal with.

Arm – 2 Arm is very good however you need to remember there are plenty of ways round it so be careful who Brick goes against. Certain Butcher builds will just ignore all that ARM so his DEF becomes even worse when considering that.

Inf – An unusual 2/3 means he is going to be average for generating INF however he wont get as much done as other team mates due to having one less INF max than most..

Character Traits

Knockback – This is a really interesting ability as it more or less grants a push/dodge playbook result regardless of the actual results you get. Admittedly you can’t use it to redeploy Brick but if he hits 3 times that’s 3” he has pushed a model out-of-the-way (another 1” if he got to counter charge as well).

Counter Charge – This is why you want him pretty central with clear charge lanes. Being able to counter charge if an enemy moves within his bubble makes him incredibly dangerous. Especially as he has pretty easy access to Knockdown! This can really mess up an opponent’s plans. Just watch out for repositions (push/dodge) as he will just ignore this movement.


He only comes with 3 possible momentous results, although these are all in the early columns of the playbook. He does do a decent amount of damage in the higher end of the book as well or you can swap some damage output for using his character play or knock down as well. This is pretty handy as Brick can really smash home some big damage OR if he has countered charged than taking some INF off the enemy could be miles better than more damage. The knock down can’t be ignored either, as it can mess the opponents just as well as concussion. Always remember he has knockback built-in as well (pushing charging model out of engagement with target wastes lots of INF).


Concussion – For the Cost of 5 hits he can take an INF of the opponents model. This can be incredibly effective as if done on a charge he has a strong possibly of getting it off. In a game with resource management is very important being able to remove that resource is very powerful.


Brick makes a great bodyguard for the Masons as long as he can reach all the team with counter charge it means he will disrupt the enemy or just the threat of it alone could be enough. He suffers big man syndrome being very easy to hit but his ARM will protect him to a certain extent against some teams at least. He will be pretty good at clearing lanes as well with knock back so use him as roving bulldozer.
EDIT: been pointed out I should mention you can’t counter charge while engaged (which I forgot to mention )

Bendy Boards Mob Football Team Board Review

Today I will be having a look at the new Mob Football Team Board (cue crowd noise) from the guys at Bendy boards , you may remember when I looked at the gaming widgets they have done in their Mob Football range as well as the massively useful Battle Board which are suitable for Warmachine and those with a Malifaux addiction *cough* BigBoyBucky *cough*..

So what does the Team Board bring to the table then? simply flexibility by the ring full (will make sense later) and as always great build quality.

Bendy Boards are really cornering the tournament tray business in the UK, this is a good thing as the quality is awesome and they are at a price which will not hurt anyone (these rock in at the same price as 1 40mm Guild Ball player)!

As with all the new design boards you receive a lovely package through the post from Leee as everything is flat pack, how very Swedish although with no lost screws or meatballs.


Awww look I have been tagged, this is my board there are many like it but this one is mine!!

As you can see it is almost a snap fit build.


As always with Bendy Boards everything is clean and fits together in literally 5 minutes with only a touch of glue needed (or a bit more if you are clumsy)


The rings are this boards party piece as you can see we have space for a Goal and 5 players (30mm) bases as standard on the board (or 4 and a ball). We are then given some nice flexibility between 2 30/40mm bases and 2 30/40/50mm bases. What this means is that we have space for the goal and 8/9 players but with the flexibility of base size very much at the fore.

So if other teams start getting a 50mm base player like the Morticians Bone Saw then you are covered. It also covers you in tournament play as roster size is capped at 8 players anyway at the moment.

Another nice feature is the lip around the tray although small, it is certainly high enough to help catch the minis before the fall when you stumble/nudge while moving about at a tournament.


So overall, with the ‘as expected’ area for holding cards and over paraphernalia from a BB board and the flexibility of the rings it means all teams can travel in style from table to table.

The bases are held snuggly in their spots so I have no concerns about slipping either :), it does the job and does it well. So what about the price then? Well for the price of £12-13 (higher price is for name tag) you can not go wrong!

Overall if you play Guild Ball and your team needs a team bus to get around this is as good as you are going to get :) without air conditioning and toilet.

The only question I have left is do I make the storage area a box by having a crowd stand on top that can be removed or is that silly? :D


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