Art of War (Malifaux) Review


Welcome to a review of some of the exciting and shiny things that AoWS are resurrecting out at the moment.

Today I am going to be looking at some of their Malifaux products.

Malifaux Core Tokens Set

Price – £16.99

A huge bag of everything you will ever need for malifaux…

Blast Markers

Nice blast marker, that have some nice little touches like the logos round the edge and also keeping a sort of poker chip feel to the marker.

Again for those knowing that accuracy is important here is the spot on measurement of the markers.

In game Markers (6 each)

Next we have the 3 markers you will generally need in the shape of scheme, scrap and corpse markers. Again we keep the poker chip feel of the markers, which I think is pretty cool.

Next we move onto the smaller tokens for in game effects,

7 Soulstones

A cool concept in which you spend your cache using little soulstones in a nice greeny colour.

Burning/Poison (10 of each)

You get plenty of these tokens and are visually going to be hard to miss during the game when next to the models. I would say that if you are running condition heavy crew (looks at McMourning and Kaeris) then you may need more than the ones you get in the set.

Fast/Slow (5 of each)

Lovely tokens that are pretty clever use of the +/-1 which from a distance is easier to association over the words fast/slow.

Activated (10 tokens)

For those players that like to ensure they don’t make mistake with activations these little ones will help loads with them. Again the tick is a nice visual association to have.

Buried (2 tokens)

Personally I don’t have much use for these markers, however from a point along with the activated markers. They will help in tournament play for identifying when a model is buried not dead for all players concerned.

Positive/Negative (5 of each)

These are another token I think are very clever as there are plenty of abilities/actions that will grant these (de)buffs to models and it is something that is easy forgotten during the game.

Defensive/Focus (5 of each)

Again something nice to have on the board when these things come into play. Would be worth getting more of them if you are playing 10T with all their shenanigans.

Paralyse/Reactivate (3 of each)

Nice looking tokens, I can never decide what is a good symbol for paralyze and reactivate but these work as well as others I have seen before. The numbers are probably about right unless you are using some very specific crews.


Like the Infinity set I reviewed yesterday, this is a great set to get you going for Malifaux. Most players are not going to need more tokens than what is in this set. OK, Ressers will need more corpses and poison counters and Arcanists may need more scrap and burning; Depending on the masters being used, but otherwise cracking work.

I will say some of the smaller sections are not deeply cut so when painted are a little difficult to read in places (see reactivate for example) but on the whole the entire kit is amazing quality and value.

Art of war (Infinity) Review

Welcome to a review of some of the exciting and shiny things that AoWS are criting out at the moment.

Today I am going to be looking at some of their Infinity products.

Super bag of goodies….

Infinity Anti Personnel Mine tokens (3 x 25mm)

Price – £1.99

First up some of the mine tokens available, these are nice and simple with the token plus upright section. You will not lose the token in this yellow🙂

The connection is snug and should stay that way for a long time, without the need for glue.

The skull I love and the work with the laser is amazing🙂

Finally the wording comes up really well with a lick of paint. Altogether a great little set. There are other mines available (website is an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies)

Infinity Core Token Set

Price – £7.99

Now for the really exciting bit the new batch of infinity tokens, that are slightly smaller than the usual ones. Which I think is really helpful as they take up less real estate on the boards and so are less intrusive.

So this core set is literally a mixed-bag of colourful plastic.

A boy do we get a healthy amount of stuff, although for those doing tournaments or lots of 300pt games a few more tokens maybe needed. However this is a great starting point for those starting the game.

10 Regular Order tokens

Nice tokens that match the colour of orders we see for regular ones

1 Lt. and 4 Command order tokens

I love the command tokens something very different which is right for these in the game🙂

3 Retreat tokens

I love the flag for this one, such a shame they couldn’t do white plastic for them..

3 Prone Tokens

I would have liked a couple more of these just in case I choose to hide all my army, not necessary I would like to think but perhaps 2 more maybe?

2 Irregular and 2 Impetuous Order tokens

This is probably a reasonable number of these tokens as it is going to be hard to have a catch-all number with some many possibilities in Infinity.

Extras – 3 Unconscious, 2 Wound, 2 Suppressing Fire, 1 Spearhead tokens

With how quickly my models die I would like to see some more unconscious tokens in the set, but that is my only issue.


Amazing tokens!!!

The quality is top-notch (with only really some of the tinee tiny lines not being cut perfect) and for the price you are going to struggle to find a better deal.

Now these are the newer tokens which are smaller than what people may be used, so will come down to personal choice but I for one like that the smaller ones take up less room on the board and as such are as distracting (on flip-side you may forget about them, but with my memory they could be frisbee side and I would still forget).

As mentioned the core set is great for those getting into Infinity or transitioning from the starter set cardboard tokens. But for those ITS lovers you are probably going to need extras of the key tokens like orders and if like me unconscious. Handy they do offer booster packs for various tokens so you can pick and choose what you need🙂

Overall, great tokens to have..

Art of War Studios (Guild Ball) Review

Welcome to a review of some of the exciting and shiny things that AoWS are kicking out at the moment.

Today I am going to be looking at some of their Guild Ball products.

Guild Ball AOE Template

Price – £9.99 for a set (Or £2.99 individual)

First up, some of the various AoEs that are available, all of them come with this really cool inner effect. Which adds some flavour over just a plain ring put also make it pretty easier to spot what they are actually doing on the field beyond squinting at the words.

They are all finished with the sort of Celtic band around circle, which is very much the AoWS signature across their ranges. Which is very nice and can be painted up a treat if you wish.

So what templates can you actually get? Well you can get a poison cloud, which is very much the look of sludge (only word I can think of).

Rough Ground with the ‘cracked’ earth look is great, I do have concerns about this one and only because I am clumsy so not sure how robust the cracks will be in the long run. Does look amazing though..

Fire cloud is pretty sweet and has to be my favourite of the 4.

Last is the smoke cloud which looks as you would expect, all cloudy…..

Plus just for proof a picture with battered tape measure they are all 3” on the button which in such an exact game like GB this sort of thing is very important.

Guild Ball Momentum Token Set

Price – £2.99 (Guild specific £1.99)

Next we have the sexy gold momentum tokens, these are great little tokens and if you are one of the players who likes to track their momentum with tokens (over dice/dials). Then this set is going to be for you, and always remember Gold is for winners😉

Other colours are available but pfft gold is where it is at.

Guild Ball Measuring Stick Complete Set

Price – £7.49

Finally we have the Sticks! ALL the Sticks…

The complete set offered by AoWS is a one-stop purchase as it gives you 4” through to 10” which should cover any situation you will need in the game.

They are nice and sturdy made of thick plastic so these things are not going to bend. They also come with the same signature Celtic band.

Finally like the AoEs and with the importance of keeping things exact each stick is spot for measurements.


These are great token sets and the price is amazing for the amount and quality you are getting. It is worth going onto the site (click the button at the top) as the options are huge for each guild etc.

The quality is across the board with only the rough ground AoE giving me cause for concern but that is because how rubbish I am!! You will not be disappointed for all your guild ball shiny😉


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