Kukulkani Starter Box Review

Another day another review, this time we dive back into Dark Age and look at one of the newest factions around. The Kukulkani, forever to be known as Triple K as I will keep mispronouncing the name..

We are going to be looking at the starter set, the NEW improve starter set which like the Forsaken has been pumped up from its original 300ish points to a much more rounded 500 points let’s get gaming size.

Like the Forsaken review this is hot of the press so no shiny box for me to show you juts the contents that you can expect.

Triple K (1)

First up is the boss the man the SUPREME War Captain.

This has to be one of the trickiest kits I have come across for Dark Age so far, mainly for a couple of the small parts. He comes together pretty easily though (shout out for super glue accelerant).

So the majority of the kits is really easy to deal with as you can see.

Triple K (2)

However that head is going to be tricky as you can see the temple fins are small parts that may make you swear as pinning would be a mighty problem.

Triple K (10)

Despite that, he is a great looking model full of character and little details, the little grooves in the gauntlet are going to be fun to paint and are screaming out for some OSL.

Next we have the creepy Harvester models, who are just walking batteries for the Triple K. They are pretty nice, a little dull but that works in their favour as well fodder for the army.

Triple K (3)

Nice and easy to put together, let the Aztec zombies come for you:)

Triple K (9)

Next the basic troops for the Triple K, the Warriors. These guys are very cool in general for Aztec warriors if you are looking for some for a project these guys are worth picking.

Triple K (4)

The models were easy enough to in general, although word of warning on the out-stretched army holding the shield on the right. His hand is separate to the shield and the shield/forearm is separate from the torso. So like the head fins on the captain you will need to be careful.

Triple K (8)

Very cool models and very dynamic, even the hunched one looks like he is ready for some trouble.

Next we have one of the Big Guys, in the shape of the Honour Guard.

He is surprisingly low number of parts, what this does mean is he is a little static.

Triple K (5)

However, saying that it works, this is a guy he just does not move from his role as a guard and boy is he imposing. Has to be my favourite model of this kit, I also like that the shield is more symbolic than any use to defend himself. But then who needs to defend when they have a weapon like that?!

Triple K (13)

Finally piece for this set is the biggest in the shape of Ah’Chu’Kuk, now forever known as Norris😉 Like the Honour Guard for the size of the model the number of bits are not too large.

Triple K (6)

He does have a great look, as he strides across the planet ready to smash anyone who gets close to him.

Triple K (14)

Triple K (15)

Norris is just a fun model, completely bonkers but a great one. I would say it took me a while to attached the 2 smaller L-shaped fins, but I did manage to spot the holes on the left arm.


This is amazing value box (when it has a box😉 ) and like the other start set gives you plenty of scope to learn different facets of the game

Last the Family shot of everyone..

Triple K (7)

The price of this fine kit has not been finalised at time of writing but I have been told we should be looking at around the $60 mark. Which really for what you get is not bad at all.

Raising the Morticians (S2) – Scalpel

When the brick of Obulus is not for you maybe it’s time to slice and dice with Scalpel…


She is fast (like Fishermen fast), her TAC is amazing and well up there with the top end. Her DEF is average (she gets some ARM) and INF is also average for captain. Her KICK is reasonable with OK dice pool but only average range.

Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – Removing ARM is always a good thing and makes sense someone called Scalpel would have it.

Slippery – If she walks away from someone she is going to be harder to hit on the parting blow with her ARM and DEF it means she shouldn’t have to worry too much about what the result is (unless there is a low KD about).

Heroic Play

Unnatural Stamina – For the cost of a MP she can use Second Wind without the INF cost. This makes her a little more INF efficient as SW is a very nice ability especially with all her dodges she can be THE hit-and-run player around. Never mind letting the likes of Ghast/Casket move around more easily without the INF cost.

Legendary Play

Voodoo Strings – It is a big pulse and pushes all enemy models towards her. This on the face of it is lacklustre but it is very subtle as this sort of thing pulls models out of position. Suddenly a model is moved out of threat range, or a models movement is hinder by another model and so potentially messing with activation order. Or it can simply be clumping players up for a Silence AoE or a Ghast unmasking. It actually has loads of possibilities but deciding when to drop it will lead to a touch of analysis paralysis if you are not careful.


Her playbook is pretty scary she has access to a lot of momentum (6/7 columns) and she has access to a lot of damage most of it momentous generating. On top of this she also has dodges and some pushes working together this gives her a great amount of repositioning power. As well as easily getting out of engagement with those dodges to use her Heroic to get into a more favourable position for next turn.


Tormented Agony – Costs 1 Guild Ball (4/7 hits), this is an interesting ability as it allows you to mess with your opponents INF allocation. As you can move INF on the model you are hitting to another enemy model that hasn’t gone yet. Suddenly the key model for the turn can’t do anything as the mascot has all the INF. It will also mess horrendously with Furious models, as an engaged Boar/Rage with no INF at all makes them very sad. Interesting play but don’t hinge a turn on it, use it only if it will help you and not just give your opponent a different window to use. It does give you momentum when you use it as well though.

Second Wind – Costs 2 INF, this allows the target model to move its Jog at the end of its activation. This allows for some great hit-N-run action as well as allowing some of the slower players to get up the field quicker. It can also allow scorer of goal to really shift (Jog push dodge is always a good distance).

Wake the Dead – Costs 2 INF, this grants reanimate to a model for the turn. This greatly increases the survivability of a model (as it means your opponent will need at least 1 more INF to get the job done). Being able to remove conditions as well is awesome on top of everything else. Knowing when to use this is going to be difficult but worth considering.  


A very quick captain with a lot of options on mobility, with the amount of momentum she can generate you can almost see her as having Second Wind for free. She also allows for some nice protection with Walk the Dead. I could see this being pretty good on the likes of Cossett as she is sooo squishy.

She allows a lot of manoeuvrability with her playbook both of herself and the model she is hitting. Imagine charging in then bringing that model back towards your team ready for more punishment. She is a damage machine (who will probably really like Rage for Tooled Up) which is perhaps her main aim in most turns. However with the added bonus of Tormented Agony you can really mess up with your opponents allocation of INF especially as 10” is a big bubble to do the hand off for. What will prove tricky to get right is her Legendary it could be simply as a way of not triggering unpredictable movement (or even ignoring it after it is used) to just messing up with an opponents positioning.

What is also worth pointing out is her counter-attacking with Tormented Agony available, that could really make some opponents cry.

She hits pretty hard (for a non-brewer/butcher) and enjoys messing with the opponents team in a very different way to Obulus. OK he is harder to pin down and his legendary is more straight forward and we all know the uses of puppet master. Scalpel messes with positioning of one model (usually while pummeling it into the ground). She really lives up to her name..

Forsaken Starter Box Review

Welcome one and all to an exciting review of shiny models. Now for those that missed out on the rules review go HERE! For everyone else get ready for a fun look at the new style starter sets from CMON for Dark Age.

First on the block is the unaligned Forsaken box, although I say box these are so new that they came in blisters but expect this to be nicely packaged on release.

Forsaken (6)

Now for those in the know may notice that is a lot of models for a starter set. Well there is being an upgrade to the starter sets. No longer will they be floating around the 300pt range, instead we get a 500pt box, which means straight out of the box you are playing a good-sized game of Dark Age.

Plus, since 750 seems to be the way some events will be going then you are only a couple of blisters away from a legal tournament sized list.

So what do we get in this set then, first up a Warwind

Forsaken (8)

The leader of this merry force, as you can see and it is true for all the models in the box he is a metal model. For people who have got use to plastic minis and avoiding super glue I will say that pick up some super glue accelerator trust me that stuff makes life so much easier..

Anyway, something true of this kit and the others, is the parts are not numerous so even a beginner shouldn’t struggle with these models.

Forsaken (5)

Something worth pointing out is all the bases are lipped type but also come recessed so plenty of space for inserts if you go down that route, which would look amazing.

I went cheap and just filled them in to look like wasteland in general. These types of bases make such dynamic models a little tricky as pinning can be an issue, so some thought is needed if you use the bases supplied or bite the bullet and pick up some normal lipped bases.

So the actual Warwind model is very dynamic you would not want to take a charge with him swinging like that. Plenty of detail but not swimming in it as he doesn’t really need it. No need for trinkets on this chap.

Next is another commander model in the Deacon..

Forsaken (13)

Again not many pieces to deal with and nothing to fiddly. Well except the guard plate..

Forsaken (17)

Forsaken (1)

So here we have a model that is created when a Cowboy and Priest do unmentionables to each other..

Whereas the Warwind is dynamic and low on detail, we swing the other way with Deacon. This is a man who makes sure he has what he needs at all times, he is certainly going to be fun to paint. But the best part of this model is the gun, who doesn’t love something that is just so bonkers?! I am not sure if he wants to night-stick people or blow them away.

Next we have the Diskmaster, someone who is mad enough to have 2 razor-sharp disc shooters for arms….what could go wrong?

Again as you can see the number of parts is on the low amount, but still allows for a pretty cool looking pose. All I can say is PEW PEW?

Forsaken (11)

Those coil launchers (discs of dooooom) do look very cool.

Forsaken (3)

Forsaken (4)

As mentioned, the pose is simple but gives the impression she is bracing herself ready for the kick-back from the weapons. Or at least keeping herself away from the discs.

The final individual in the set is the Field Medic and her bag of tricks.

Forsaken (12)

One of my favourite models, middle of a battle…don’t mind me just going to have a dig around in this bag…..oh look I have a corn plaster will that help:)

Forsaken (2)

Just a really nice model, I love it.

Finally we have the grunts of the Forsaken army, the Banes. These guys are the fodder in your army yet with squadlink around still can make an impact in a mob attack. As you would expect from cheap generic troops they are pretty simple as models to put together

Forsaken (10)

But they still have a lot of movement  about them and fit the idea of guys (and girls) that want to get into the mix and hit people with their large sticks.

Forsaken (16)


These new box sets are great value for what you get in them, a fully functioning army that gives you access to a fair amount of the rules in the game. It also helps that despite not being one of the Saints personal troops they do actually look pretty cool as they are. Finally, the family photo with everyone together..

Forsaken (14)

So the cost of these are still very much not finalised at time of writing but I have been told we should be looking in the $60 area for cost which is not too shabby for the number of miniatures you are getting.

Beared-itorial – Bradford TCT Report

I lost my Father in Law last week, so this is the delayed and mostly forgotten post.

So that was the week after the tournament before…..or something like that!

Was suppose to be 4-game day but with drops and the like we only needed 3 games in the end.

Game 1 vs Butchers

Result: 12-8 with 2-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Decimate

This was a game of missed chances both of us; missed goals at the start and end of the game meant we had a really grind of a game but in the end I managed to scrape through with the win.

Stand-out moment – Shank missing the potential winning goal to let me take it in the next activation.

Game 2 vs Hunters

Result: 4-12 with 1-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Venin

I was on the back foot with this one from the start, against a well played Hunters a team. Certainly got to see what they are capable of.

Stand-out moment – Vitriol playing tag with a Bear..

Game 3 vs Engineers

Result: 12-8 with 3-2 goals scored.

Team Picked: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Katalyst

Well this was a very cagey game to start then the goals came quick and fast in the end. Enjoyable game that anyone could have won.

Stand-out moment – Vitriol scoring off a snap shot to win the game..


So in the end I went 2-1 with a 0 differential which considering I am not confinced by Alchemists still not too bad. I came around midtable but did manage to come away with best goal for my party popping goal:)

A great day overall and my thanks goes to Pundit Dave for running it and to everyone who helped raise nearly £500 for charity!!

Games This Week

Quick game of infinity this week in the garden :O manged to lose 1-3 but was still fun and I really enjoyed trying out the Combine Army.

Hobby This Week

Work continues on my Hunters, I am about half way through them. So should hit my deadline for the August WAAC event easily.

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