Skinning the Hunters – Snow

I am going to resist any puns with this one don’t want them snowballing towards the wolf..


Standard speed really and low TAC as you would expect from a mascot. Her DEF is average and no ARM. While INF is pretty standard for a mascot while the KICK is actually not bad even if the distance is very poor.


Pack Mentality – A small-sized aura around her but very powerful, as long as guild models are not knocked down if they take damage they can take a dodge towards her. Pretty powerful if it gets the friend out of range. Easily forgotten ability for both Hunter and opponent. But one worth remembering.

Oooh…Ball – If the ball is free during the turn and within her Jog she gets to make a free Jog towards the ball. A nice ability that means you can control the ball a bit better. Can leave her open though so use it cautiously.


Lots of momentum generation from the wolf. And a 1 hit momentous tackle is always handy while on the charge you could expect a wrap which is going to give you 2 momentum, which is nothing to sneeze at.


Feral Instincts – Costs 1 INF, a pretty nasty ability to have around. Possibly even greater than Tooled Up as having anatomical precision on tap is very nasty. Removing ARM from anyone is going to make them nervous with some of the players the Hunters have around.


A real support piece of a mascot is the faithful hound/wolf, she wants to be almost central to the team to get the most out of Pack Mentality but also means she has greatest scope to use Oooh Ball.

While her play can really ruin one models day but does throw up some tough choices. Ooh..Ball is more powerful if she hasn’t activated yet as she can move the ball into a safer place when she does activate rather than being stuck somewhere with a large target on her.

But then her play wants to go early so the rest of team can abuse it more. But this will like most things come down to timing her activation just right.

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Triple Helix Wargaming

So with the new shiny 40K I have started again looking at GW products again and being a good little adopted Yorkshire man I have been trawling the internet for the best deals.

Past the usual suspects I stumbled across the gaming ether, I came across…

Now imagine me with a square chin and a hat and a leather jacket and strong dislike of Nazis and for some reason a Scottish father and maybe a whip?! Sod it, imagine I am the wargaming equivalent of Lara Croft!!

Anyway I came across Triple Helix Wargames, on first viewing the site it is certainly pleasant to the eye nothing to distracting as far as colours go. Navigation is simple but also clean, menus are handily in words not logos/pictures which for me just feels better. While the menu expansion at the side of the site is well laid out but also continues the simplicity of moving round the site.

Perhaps what is most important is the fact the website works just as well on your mobile as it does on a desktop. I can say this is very important as buying on your phone means the other half doesn’t know, right?! Although they always know….ALWAYS!!

The range of products is both narrow and vast at the same time; they cover all things GW which is of course vast (and at a very healthy discount). They also have a strong historical leaning as well, with Bolt Action and Saga etc. being carried. They also carry both GW and Army Painter paints which is a huge plus as I have always used GW paints but Army Painter is finding its way into my collection. They don’t carry some of the popular skirmish level games, which is a shame as you all know on here I love me some skirmishing 🙂

What I would say to stay clear of is the advertised app, it isn’t the greatest and offers nothing over the website and is harder to navigate. Which is a shame as I don’t think any other store offers an app and there is some potential there.

Go give the site a look and enjoy some of the better discounts around (especially for GW).


Happy 40K weekend everyone!! I imagine there is going to be a flood of 40K content everywhere for the immediate future, so go out and enjoy some positivity around GW for a change 🙂

The Farmers are finally up for pre-order after what seems like an age waiting for them. Go check them out at our friends Leodis Games, the price is super surprising for what you are getting. So go grab a bargain..

Games This Week

Attended a Trailblazer event for Wild West Exodus locally, didn’t actually get a demo as was super busy..but had a great chat with the boys who turned up and got a free mini 🙂

Hobby This Week

Continuing with the DG, it’s getting close to my birthday and getting my hands on the BoP box so hoping to clear some more before I get another 30 marines to paint 🙂 and 40K DG to paint up….I may have a problem.

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