Morats again


So Witch Soldiers for my Morat force, because crazy choppy and smoke grenadey is a great thing.


Blood Reavers


My small unit of Reavers, who if I am being honest are just there to be chopped up for Blood Tithe points. Yet to run a bigger unit of them, but I love the Blood Warriors too much.

#WIPWednesday Charnel Throne

As much as I love GW kits, its always ALWAYS more fun to throw some things together. When I became a Hobby Hero 😉 I got to go to Warhammerfest in which they have a bit of fun in which you get 5 minutes to build as much stuff as possible and what you desprue you keep.

Tis great fun and I have been sat on them ever since not having a reason to run with it. Until the FEC book introduced a Throne scenery piece.

After some playing around with estimating size of the thing from pictures we have arrived at this;




I was going to make a throne from the Skulls kit but a mate sorted me out with one 🙂


Still a way to go, including more skulls/carrion and more damage potentially but pretty happy so far.

Trog Circus

So I may, may be running with a slightly mad idea…

The Troggoth Circus that’s right, roll up roll up grots of all ages prepare to be amazed and squished by the might of the Trog Circus..

So really wanted to run a small Troggoth force, as I do like a compact force and having moved away from 40K these guys couple be perfect.

So how do we go about doing a Trog Circus, well at the moment my aim is 1k pts to start with.

Which handily comes out as, Troggoth Hag, Trogboss and a unit of each Troggoths. 8 models nice and compact!

But how to make the circus, well the aim is a mixture of paint scheme and Green Stuff. Plus some other bits for the madder conversion…

So the Rockguts are strong men, basically paint as I want then add in some fur to the cloth items, maybe give 1 a mustache.

The Fellwaters are going to be converted from rockguts as I am not a fan of the actual models and they shall be Clowns. So baggy trousers, maybe a balloon animal if I am feeling adventurous, but the key is their range attack… Did someone say fake flower squirts?

Troggboss, is going to be straight forward Ringmaster, so painted red with a mushroom top hat and will need to source a whip. His name will be Baaaaaaar’um

The Hag, is going to be a huge conversion as I dislike the FW model. So the idea here is a Bearded Grot (fake beard of course) sat on a travelling caravan pulled by squigs.

The Loonshrine terrain piece is easiest idea….a circus tent, dimensions wont be perfect but reckon I can get a close fit…

So any more ideas fire them my way 😉

#WIPWEDNESDAY Chosen Witch Axes

Keeping up with showing my WIPs.

That’s right I am doing some Witch Doctor Dwarves.

I mean Fyreslayers are already naked.

May as well give some of them some grass skirts and the leader a voodoo mask…

Next stage is to do some weapon swaps



Leader gets a mask because why not…



Who knew the GSW tentacle maker, would make such amazing grass skirts!!