Well WAAC seems to have started bubbling along :)

The #WAACChallenge

Buy a cheap model, paint it, sell it on the difference goes to WAAC nice simple easy!! What are you waiting for???

Ah yes link to the RULES there you go..

#WAAC Salamanders

The fun of building a 40k army is a serious one, especially when an idea for a raffle explodes and you are nearly at 2000points!!

Help is still wanted so if you want to take part go pester @EvilKipper on Twitter or head on over to his blog. HERE.

#WAAC Dice

Will be happening again I just need to sort some more bits out :)

Guild Ball

Has started to ship to the KS backers but also is starting to appear as retail as well. This has me pretty excited to be fair, although I didn’t back them I can see me picking up a faction (or 2)With the Alchemists being the faction of choice. Love the imaginary of them!


Well didn’t see that coming from GW (I know rumours have been around for a while but you know RUMOURS). We are getting some AdMech to add to all the Imperium stuff, have to admit will be cool with a Knight and these guys together, maybe add in some Storm Troopers as hired help for them as well. Bugger don’t need ideas like that :S

Will it be a full codex I will be very interested to see

Hobby This Week

I have nearly done Month 2 of #ToMB2, which means I have been painting the odd other bits from Neverborn to getting my backside in gear and may start painting some Mercs (don’t tell Kev).

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

#ToMB2 Month 2 – Strongarm Suit

Another model down in the #ToMB2 count, only Bishop to go for month 2 now :)

I do like this model, plus I am really happy with the base with him smashing the pipe up


As we month 1 I will be taking better pictures at the end of #ToMB2.

Bayou Bear – Trixiebelle

These Boots are made for walking and my word is that what they are doing. Its time for another Bayou Bear Article and  TheRedMoonHead on the forums has convinced me to look at his lady o_O

Its time for Miss Belle, Miss Trixiebelle!!


She has good Df and average Wp (good for a Gremlin). She has decent number of wounds and has average Wk and Cg. Releatively standard for her cost hench(wo)men.


On to her abilities;

Reckless – We have seen this before and on a model that can use soulstones and upgrades means it would be rude not to do this most turns.

Ill Omens – This can be huge as it allows you to cheat the Initiative flip (before Soulstone spend or reflips). This means you will be more than likely to get the result you want or even just force a Soulstone spend by your opponent if the flips are low. It also has a link to Mah Tucket with the suit playing into what effects will last for the turn with Chores. So get it suit you want over going first could be pretty powerful as well. Another nod goes to Kin with their Companion meaning you can alpha strike hard with this as well.

Don’t Fight Over Me, Boys! – This makes it incredibly hard to pin her down when she is in a crowd. As she can make a Gremlin the target of an attack (if legal obviously) aimed at her. If you position her right even the most nasty attacks ping off her.

Attack Actions

Slap – A great Ml attack which unfortuanelty does little in the way of damage. She does get some nice triggers but don’t expect her do take something big down. Scheme runners though? She can munch through.

  • I Never – Rams – After damaging, a friendly gremlin (including her) can make an Ml attack against the target, but no triggers allowed. Does mean on a reckless activation she could hit 6 times on a charge. Even at weak that is not bad at all.
  • Help!Masks – After damaging, any gremlin within LoS and nearby may push towards the target.

Although she won’t be hurting many things if she pulls a Lenny or Mancha Roja or Franc into Ml range with Help then release I Never on the next hit she can really help pull your crew around or just free hits are welcome. Not her best use but one worth considering.

Gremlin Lure – Needs any 6 to hit the TN and is resisted against Wp. It is reverse Lure, in which you push the target its Cg away from Trixie. Unless it is gremlin then it moves towards Trixie. Great action as it allows for a reposition of your crew while messing with your opponents! Pushing models out of Turf war is the obvious easiest use of it.

  • Never Needed to See ThatCrow – After succeeding the target gains slow. Great when used on the offense as no-one likes slow.

I will mention the patented TheRedMoonHead Homing Missile use of this on a non-gremlin model (Whiskey Golem, Bishop etc.)

Deploy in front of Trixie, activate her late, go reckless and gremlin Lure 3 times. Firing model far far up the field before they even activate is horrid. Especially when you can almost assure you get initiative the next turn thanks to her cheating the flip…..
This is an evil thing to do and I suggest you never ever not do this at least once.

Buy You a Drink? – Her attack 0 action that needs a 7 of crows to hit the TN and is again resisted by Wp. Basically hands out poison to the amount equal to the difference between totals. This could hand out a ridiculous amount of poison if you are lucky. This is what makes her best buddies with Brewmaster, although if you take a Performer (merc) then you can do some big damage with the 2 ladies…

Tactical actions

Presents? For me? – Her only Tactical Action is also a 0 action. She targets any number of Scheme Markers in base contact with her. Then at the end of her activation you place Markers in base contact with her. Basically if you can out-activate your opponent this is almost guaranteed plant explosives as if you have a Marker next to her at the start of activation. She can place that marker 15” (plus base width) away from where it was. This is huge if you play it right, as it can be defensive as it is not limited to friendly markers (I will let that one settle in as the fun to be had with that MUWWAHAHAHA!!).

Now just imagine Trixie walking around being followed by 8 or 9 scheme markers during the game.


Obviously as a gremlin she will like Dirty Cheater (who doesn’t) but she does have 2 named upgrades as well which both have uses with her.

Bounty – This costs 1 soulstone and can be taken by her and Mah Tucket, it hands out a trigger to other friendly Gremlins Sh actions within LoS;

  • Paid In Full – Crows – After killing the target, draw a card.

This is great if you have lots of Bayou Gremlins on the board as their Crow trigger is not great so this at least helps bypass it. Somer summoning approves..

A Gun For a Lady – This costs 1 soulstone and gives her a Sh attack.

Big Ol’ Gun – Average Sh with great damage track and OK range. It does push her back regardless of success which needs to be considered when lining up shots. She must also declare triggers;

  • Help Her Up – Mask – After resolving, push a friendly model towards the target.
  • Oh Dear. – Crows – After resolving the attack the closest friendly model suffers damage as well.
  • BLAM! – Rams – Grants damage flip with double positive flip which means even drawing lets you cheat as long as hard to wound isn’t about.
  • There Goes a Leg! – Tomes – Hands out slow which is always good.

Everyone loves her simply, she brings a little flavour to every single master. With only the pig heavy Ulix really not bothered if she is about. You can probably see she has utility with all, like Franc being the cheap heavy hitter for gremlins, Trixie is the all rounded. Although the Gun is not really an auto-include its rude not to take something that hurts that much.

Bounty is very wise if you are taking more than 3 Bayou Gremlins to help control that nasty Crow trigger. The Mah box set is going to be Very popular with gremlin players and not just for Mah!!

2000 POSTS

WTF, how have I managed to waffle for this number of posts! HOW?!

Never did I think I would hit this many posts when started, never mind that it has kept me out of trouble for a few years now!

Thank you all for keeping coming back and actually let hit some (in my humble opinion) amazing numbers.

We have seen some huge changes in the hobby since I started in 2010.

More systems, better models, more materials.

Kickstarter has changed the landscape of the hobby forever.


The #40K #WAAC Raffle

Go read… Please Thank you

The #40K #WAAC Raffle | Forces of Darkness 2015!.

The #WAACChallenge

Some may have seen the £5 challenge done previously the concept is simple buy a model cheaply from a bidding site, paint it up, sell it on. Any profit you make from doing it goes into the WAAC pot :)

So some rules as we all need rules otherwise we all descend into Hobby ADD!!

  • Buy a model cheaply, can be any model any genre, system, age, condition. Doesn’t matter where from as long as you can screen shot when you bought/won the model.
  • You then have 6 weeks (to allow for postage) to paint it. It does not need to be sold at the point BUT does need to be for sale.
  • Anything you can make above the original cost (ignoring postage) goes to WAAC.
  • Make sure you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs as a way to share the challenge but also there may be prizes for the biggest % difference (free models is cheating though ;) )or original idea.
  • Donations to go here please WAAC2015

Optional Rules

  • Doesn’t need to be one model you could do a squad or even an army if you are mad enough BUT the cost per model needs to be less than £5.
  • If you miss the 6 week deadline (and it is not Royal Mails fault) then you have to add 1p per day late.
  • You can change your personal deadline as well. As long as we see proof of a start and end date
  • You can do it more than once if you wish other the coming months.


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