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New Necrons

So I completely blinked and missed these over the weekend.

But drumroll please……………………….

Necrons now have all options from their codex available to them easily :O this is hugely shocking to me I can tell you.

Orikan the Diviner -  I like him a lot the head is amazing as is his staff. Not so sure about the tail….
Anrakyr the Traveller – Very very cool model bit too much like a lord perhaps but otherwise great mini.

A Finecast Letter

Over on Faeit212 they have uncovered an email that was apparently sent to GW stores. Is it true in the world of smoke and mirrors? I can not even begin to guess but thought I should share it anyway just as an interest piece.

“…..there has been a higher number of the new Citadel Finecast miniatures due to be released that have a bubble in a vital point or have cast thinner than they should have done.”

Go read the post here for more info HERE

Finecast – Another internet look

So since the mass panic and shock of the move to resin by GW and resulting storm occurring due to poor QC and then what happened over at Wayland Games last week!

I thought it was time for me to do some investigating and for your enjoyment today I have 2 miniatures for you to look at Deathmaster Snikch and Astrorath the Grim

So first we will look at the crazed space vampire first!!

It is scary how deep they can get with resin into the eye sockets!!

Not bad the skulls on the most part have been cast well, I do know on the metal one some of the skulls are also poor (so more the mould than the material).

Again the eyes are very impressive and look he has a nose!!

The first error but only a minor one! The chest lines on the left pec don’t join up completely which is a shame but easily given as battle damage!

Back pack all good!!

Fair bit of flash but nothing a knife won’t fix!!

The one major issue is that both shoulder pads

Overall pretty happy with the quality!!

Next up one sneaky rat!!

A lot more flash on this one than the other but again we can deal with that

This bothered me a lot, you get a random piece of resin that is clearly there for strength during casting but is impossible to hide on the model!!

Again loads of flash and I was disappointed with the tail detail after seeing what was achieved on the space marine!!

Very nice!!

So then I have to the most part just let you decide from the pictures about the quality, before I get into pros/cons I will say this I truly believe this could be an excellent material to work with however I think GW rushed it out and did TOO much too soon! They should have done a more staggered release but such is foresight!

Hopefully they sort out the QC before Christmas otherwise they will have a fun January!!


Pros – A joy to work with, so light and easy! No more swearing at it when it doesn’t glue first time!!

Cons – Already mentioned the QC! worries about the strenght! Will take some getting used to especially the more bendy material when its thin! I think that more organic models are going to suit this resin more than more straight edged stuff!

Will take this point to mention something that worried me a lot when I was playing with it;

As you can see an uninterrupted length of the resin is very bend and misshapen which is good as the effort need to do this would suggest it can take a beating!

However my concern is where there are joins/extensions out of the main body (on the right) it broke VERY easily which worries me a LOT!!

So overall time will tell if this has been a bold but positive move by GW! I think it can work but I will wait and see for another 6 months before deciding!!


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