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Dire avengers

Been busy with Eldar again;

This time my first unit of Dire Avengers I have plans for a second unit and I am currently trying to decide if I should stick with the same scheme or reverse the colours. To make everything more noticeable it is a different unit.


Bit more Eldar painted recently in the shape of the strangest tank in 40K

I say this because the main gun is SO useful due to its 3 firing modes, it can deal with anything on the board which is unique in the specialists army that is Eldar.

Just a shame you have to be very careful about target prioritization.

Crimson Hunter

Here is my Crimson Hunter (which can be a Hemlock as well I suppose).

And here is the underneath with my idea of a night sky undercarriage

Warp spiders

So here is some Eldar at last ;)

In the shape of Warp Spiders, These were fun to paint although I have learnt my lesson all other units will not be getting the gem action these got I cant face a whole army of lots of gems I will go blind lol.

There are still a little WIP as I want to edit the bases a little to give them the look of jsut coming out of a jump.

I was shown this Tutorial on twitter and I am very tempted to try it out.

The 21st Blue Miniatures Badge

I am getting back into the groove with finding these amazing jobs so here is number 21. (Blue Miniatures Badge)

So who wins it this time? Well it is by the blog Teacher by Day, Wargamer by Night.

Who have done this amazing conversion for a stompa.

As you can see it is a great conversion, if you want to see how it was done then make sure you head on over to the blog and check out the WIP posts.  Post 1, Post 2, Post3

Paper Terrain on Confessions of a 40k addict

Over on Confessions of a 40k addict you can pick up some very nice paper terrain templates for this bad boy.

So if you fancy some line of sight blocking terrain on the cheap then head on over to the site, HERE


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