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#WIPWednesday WoC Battle Standard

Been a while since I had anything to show for WIP Wednesday. So here is my BSB mounted on a daemonic mount.



22nd Blue Miniatures Badge

I am getting back into the grove with finding these amazing jobs so here is number 22. (Blue Miniatures Badge)

So who wins it this time? Well its from a YouTube channel The Vanus Temple with his Spider Conversion for a thundertusk, enjoy..

Avatar of War Marauder Champion Review

A different sort of review this time, rather than a book or some big gribbly that we all love. I thought it would be fun to look at just a single 28mm model.

In this case one of the Avatar of Wars character models, the Marauder Champion. The blister pack is a decent size with some nice artwork on the sleeve.

You actually get a few options within the pack, be 2 axes, sword and axe or shield and weapon. Plus 2 very different heads means you wont be short of things to do with him..

I am loving the head options, the standard barbarian head is nice but the bag head is awesome :)

Lots of choppy chop death..

Some nice little details on the body, the thing to remember with the AoW stuff is of course that it is true scale miniatures so although it will fit in with most things on closer inspection you will be able to tell the difference.


A very nice model, I love you actually get options to build your model. Interestingly they can have many different uses from Warhammer to D&D. OK they may not fit into hero scale as much but on the tabletop I don’t think you will notice so much.

So the AoW models are certainly worth a look for your fantasy need.

You can pick up your own mighty Hero from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150

First Batch of Warriors

Well here they are my first batch of Warriors.

You have noticed I have gone for a nurgle scheme because it is rude not too ;) it is also my first attempt at playing with the Nurgle rot paint. It is certainly interesting.

Gaming Resolutions

It is that time again where people make promises they  can not keep past the 5th of January ;)

We all try these things and more often than not we get distracted, forget or just decide that the shiny is toooo tempting!!

Now usually I do not subscribe these sort of things mainly as I have a habit of forgetting about whatever I am suppose to try or give it. Lent is the same I remember about half way through that chocolate bar :S

I am however going to try something this year which I would imagine will be highly taxing for me (especially doing this blog and getting so much exposure to all that the hobby brings).

I am not going to start any new FACTIONS!!!

What this means is for all my current systems I am stuck with what I have for this year, no more chopping and changing. This means that for the following systems I am shaping up like this.

40K – Orks and Eldar

Warhammer – Warriors of Chaos

Warmachine – Cygnar and CoC

Hordes – Skorne and Legion

Malifaux – Gremlins

Dystopian Wars – Empire of the Blazing Sun

Deep Wars – Fortune Hunters

Freebooters Fate – Pirate Goblins

Surely new releases for these should keep me busy for a year? Now I do have some side projects going on as well. Such as my Grotau but they are count-as allies so I can use them normally within the Ork Codex so they dont count (this is not bending the rules).

Overall I believe this is very doable, as Orks are due an update and PP can keep feeding me book updates anyway ;) I am relearning Malifaux M2E finally and rumours of newer Dsytopian Wars rules has them on to chill anyway.

Now I am allowing one twist to this no Factions rule, I am allowing a new system to enter the stable but I am in no rush to do something like that ;) On top of this I am allowed to drop armies BUT cant pick up new ones..

So what say you all? Can I do it? Am I doomed to fail? Are you also looking into some gaming resolutions?



Here are my screamers for my Daemon army.

An experiment to continue to use the fluorescent paint and I have to say these came out much better than my flamers they really pop, I think anyway.


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