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Chaos Space Marine #WAAC Raffle

We have a raffle for a full CSM army all proceedings going to WAAC.



You can make a decent army of at least 1750.
Tickets can be bought for £2 or 3 for £5 by sending donation to

#WAAC final update


We are here after a few months planning and pestering the weekend is here!!!

I really wish my mum could have seen all the generosity towards MacMillan over that time (not even 3 weeks :( ) but hopefully this will be a fitting tribute to her.

We are so close to the total of £3000 it is amazing, hopefully the fundraising done over the weekend can get us past the line in style

Hug congrats to Sean Gill and his mission of painting a Skaven Army in 24hrs he missed the deadline but my word do  they look sexy. I will be linking to the auction of this army very soon, I will also have a Chaos Space Marine army to auction off as well so keep your eyes peeled.

But above everything this weekend please go out a play some games even if you dont donate but that would be nice ;)

Seperate Fundraising

On top of the usual below I have to plug 2 seperate little projects to do with WAAC.

Mr Barker is doing a paintatholon on the Sunday and is asking for donations HERE.

Along the same lines Mr Henry has to now take up gremlins and he is getting close to the taking them to the GT, you can see more HERE.


Everyone needs to show their WAAC support with some WAACWear, grab your t-shirt, mug at the WAACWear Shop.

Painting Competition

Still time to take part in the painting competition (24hr speed painting anyone?) find out how HERE.

Places taking part

The list of places you can take part in WAAC this weekend!!

outpost 150x150

We also have Crow Valley Crusaders taking part in sunny Wales, as well as the Southampton Sluggaz.

We have Tanelorn WG Club in London, Worhamma in the NE looking to be getting involved some how as well :)

Also as of this week I have also got NWGC involved as well :D

Know of a club or store I don’t have on here? Then please either get in contact with me or get them to contact me, so we can make this a truly UK (maybe world) wide event for MacMillan.

Any donation know matter the size will get you a raffle ticket to win some very cool prizes

Necron Warriors

This is the first batch of my salty (masking) necron warriors.

What I have learnt is that i need to be more liberal with the salt going forward. Especially on infantry sized stuff, but it certainly gives them an interesting look

Thunderbear – Izamu

So next on the Thunderbear articles will be the mighty Armour – Izamu the walking Samuari armour? Yes please!


He is expensive coming in at 10 points and for this you are getting mediocre stats including poor Df and Wk but then he is a walking armour and nothing more. Based on this he is nothing terrifying at least from the stats stand point. Although he does have a healthy amount of wounds.


So what about his abilities then:

Armor +2 – Reducing damage by 2 is very nice as it means nearly all Weak and a good amount of moderate should only be doing 1-2 wounds which means he has some staying power. The only downside is there is a lot that can remove it.

Melee Expert – 3 attacks on the charge or 2 walks and an attack (if you are struggling with line of sight) means he is always able to put the hurt on.

Ruthless – Immune to Wp duels during his activation is very handy as he can ignore those horror duels.

A Warrior’s Death – This is an interesting ability, basically when he is reduced to 0 wounds from an enemy Ml attack he gets to make 1 attack back against the enemy before being removed. Pretty nasty as there is no reward for killing him.

Attack Actions

Dadao – High reach weapon that has OK Ml stat but more importantly he has a decent damage track. He also has built in positive flips on damage.

He also gains +2 Ml and positive flips to disengaging strikes, which mean it is almost impossible to escape him He also rocks 2 triggers;

  • Katanaka’s Will – Masks – The attack ignores Incorporeal, situational due to levels of it around the game but against the right crews makes him even more dangerous.
  • War Eternal – tomes – If you cheat the damage flip then you can draw a card which is nice to replenish hand in that way.
Tactical Actions

Reform – Any 7 lets Izzy heal himself, this is always good to have around, although he should probably be aiming to use his AP for pain!


Obviously Yan Lo loves him being an Ancestor and also has weights to speed up Izamu (Soul Porter) or supply chewy enemies for him (lightening dance), on top of the healing and bringing him back. Lets not forget making him more survivable with granting spirit characteristic and extra armour (Armour +4 is a thing now)

McCabe is another one that Izzy loves as all his upgrades have a use with Izamu. Be it granting nimble to extra armour or even regeneration.

Obviously everyone loves Shenlong as handing out focus is very healthy thing for a crew.

Brief note on Upgrades as an Enforcer he can take one and to be honest they only one you need to consider is Recall Training that upgrade for one turn really makes Izamu ungodly.


A simple model which does his thing very well and that is put the hurt on! He is an option for all. But he really stands out for Yan Lo and McCabe.






Ravagore 2

This is my second ravagore one of the older metal models.

I went for just after/before shooting his spit of death with the green stuff flames rising from his mouth. Hopefully it works…


Its big, its shiny and it is AWESOME :) If ever there was an auto-include model in the whole of Warmachine this has to be there beating its little brother the squire and maybe even that blasted Choir to the top spot.


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