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A bit more Legion today as I slowly make my way through the backlog..

Almost there, which means new shiny coming soon :)



EVEN more CoC this time the Vector that is great fun to use.

How can you say no to a jack with a P&S 20 one use only ram of death?!


Mr Conrad of podcast fame (Malifools, Boosted Damage, Fools Daily, anything else he  can get on) is doing the Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research. As you will know from WAAC I have MacMillan close to my heart BUT any cancer charity is worth supporting so please stick a fiver in to make Conrad not do it naked….

You can donate here please think of everyones eyesight.

Speaking of Malifools you may notice I was roped into being on the show this week, not sure how it happened all I remember is darkness and strange smell of chloroform. But you can listen to the car crash HERE.

In more dramatic news, tomorrow I get to meet the other cast members of the Show the call Flock & Awe. Thats right the bear is heading south *shudder* while the hobbit and Bat travel north, all because the heretic is over from the colonies to sample the wears of the British Isles.

Handily this also means I get to visit Warhammer World and Bugmans Bar which will be nice as I have never been before – Like a pilgrimage ;)

 Painting & Hobby

Still going with the Malifaux stuff although I am in the process of painting a friends Hoffman crew so that will be something different to play around with.

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.


Look look I do paint Eldar sometimes! These guys where good fun to paint, although like all eldar for me, was a bit of a challenge.


My Deathstalker  that is sporting her grey line of hair Adams Family style ;)

Another solo for my Legion in the shape of the one-man strider unit :)

Carnivean 2

So this is my second Carnivean to go with my 2 Ravagores…

That can only mean I need a second Scythean ;)


Prime Squared

So I am one of those players, thats right 2 Prime Axioms…..Dont judge me


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