Earthbreaker Review

Been a while since I have done a model review and boy is it a belter. The Rhulic Dwarves have themselves a colossal :D

The Box

As with all the PP boxes it is nice and shiny showing of the model in question.

I am impressed that they have managed to get all the kits into these boxes as I am sure it has been tight on a few of them ;)

The Bits

Once we get all the bits out of the box, what do we get?

A nice set of models, I have to say there is a large amount of resin compared to metal in this kit compared to others I have looked at. The standard stuff is of course the big ol’ 120mm base, stat cards, wreck marker and instruction diagram (forgot to take pics).

There is a large amount of pieces, but surprisingly this is down to the arms as we shall see..

The Pieces

With this kits the pieces are generally very nice as you would expect from the resin PP uses. What did surprise me is the amount of chunks of waste resin my kit had. I am not used to the large amount in here, yes it is less than some of the FW kits I have built but significantly more than other PP models I have done. The flash amount was on the low thankfully with only the odd bit here or there (some of it was noticeable though).

As mentioned the arm/shoulder sections are significant number of pieces in the kit, this is great though as the arm is very long and account for a lot of the width of the model so any metal on here would have made them pretty impossible to keep attached to the body. On the flip side the legs are only in 2 parts!!

The main body comes in 2 sections and feels surprisingly solid I actually think the is more to main hull/body than other kits I have come across. I have to say the level of detail on the one-pieces is awesome and PP are showing they have really got to grips with the resin..

Do think they would make great steampunk submarines ;)

Detailing on the back section is very nice for such a lump of resin!!!

The long arm sections appear to be the worse areas for the flash I have mentioned as you can see on the plate other long sections suffer a little as well.

Here is a pic of the waste which actually surprised me on this build.

The metal bits are nice and are really just small additions on this model over anything else.

The Build

This was a very simple build and went together quicker than the Stormwall and Prime Axoim. Although it was the most labour intensive build for the pliers!!













A lot of cutting is needed to get rid of the excess..












But the ending result is very nice and I have to say I like the kit a lot, my own reservation is the size of the arms!! Are they too big? Maybe but they look nasty!

You can see a little of the flash (maybe mold slip) on the longer sections, which is a shame.


Now for the standard scale shot. He is the squattest (it’s a word) of the colossals and as such maybe that is why he has the big arms.

He really is a beast!


Like the over Huge base models, he goes together pretty easily and from my experience probably the easiest of any of the PP models I have dealt with (maybe bias after dealing with clockwork angels recently).

The only misgiving is the size of the arms as they really do broaden the model significantly and with that body it is certainly the bulkest of the big models, especially if you ignore the shoulders on the Prime Axiom..

You can assume to see a lot of these guys on the table when facing the armies of the Rhul.

You can pick up your own Prime Axoim from The Outpost with 20% off RRP HERE

Responsible One’s Wargaming: GW Conjecture, Speculation and Vile Rumour

Came across this recently and have to say it is worth a read for people out there with any love/hate for the big elephant in the room that is GW.

I haven’t done a post like this before, so I’d like to start by putting this in context. I went and talked to a lot of people at the weekend who work for Games Workshop and Forge World. They have to be very careful about what they say, because they are working on things two to three years in advance, and run a pretty tight ship about it. I would consider quite a few of them friends, and I would never want to get any of them in trouble.

Want to read more? then head on over to the full post – The Responsible One’s Wargaming Blog.

Mars Attack

He is back, James (AKA @belverker) is at it again this time he is looking at Mars Attack.

So as someone who hasn’t been too keen on Mantic in the past (if you don’t believe me check out some of my twitter posts…) I backed this game with a lot of trepidation, because on the one hand it was being made by Mantic, but on the other it was Mars Attacks, which is one of my favourite properties.

So jump a head a bit over a year of waiting after the Kickstarter ended I received the first package for the game, this package included the base game and additional mission books. My initial reaction when I opened the box was quite positive as the miniatures are quite good for Board Game Pieces (I feel I should emphasize this as they are were not designed to be super high detailed pieces, they are even made with coloured plastic Green for the Martians, Tan for the Soldiers and red for the Heroes), the terrain is really cool (even if the clips are quite easy to break) and the paper mats are usable (though getting the rubber ones will be great).

I had a read through the rulebook next and it is a really simple system (my understanding is that it is a simplified version of the deadzone rules) Basically when you activate a model it has a few options such as move a square and shoot, move 2 squares, Fight in combat, or you can play a card from your hand (more on these soon)…the Shoot and Fight actions are pretty simple you roll 3 D8’s (maybe more depending on the situation) and compare to your Shoot stat, for each die that equals or beats your required score that is a success, the opponent then rolls against their survive stat, if the attacker wins the defender is killed, if the defender wins it survives, super simple. Obviously terrain, special rules and cards affect the amount of dice that are rolled.

The cards are quite cool, each card has an effect/ability for both the Martians or the Humans or it is an event card that is played immediately, these events represent things that are happening off the actual playing space (a 2 foot by 2 foot area) some of these events are a giant robot throwing a car onto the table and causing damage, a herd of burning cattle running onto the board and causing havoc, and scared citizens running around, as well as others (speaking of these events, my biggest complaint about the boxed game is that the tokens included to represent the citizens and cow are terrible, they do not fit in their little stand-slot at all, and just feel very cheap, obviously there are miniatures coming out to represent these, which I feel will be essential (in fact I have already bought some even though I have a set coming with the rest of the kickstarter packages)

Some of James' models

Some of James’ models

The scenarios provided with the base game a quite fun and really capture the feel of the setting as they are very wacky. I feel this is where the game will shine, as while there is going to be rules to have pointed battles, the scenarios do a good job of representing the scenes you see in the Cards/Movie/Comic Books.

Overall I feel this is quite a good product and am glad I backed the kickstarter (I’m really looking forward to the rest of my stuff)

Hopefully Mantic continue to support this line with additional releases once the stuff the Kickstarter unlocked are released at retail stores.

Bayou Bear – The Sow

Its been a while since the last Bayou Bear Article but I haven’t forgot the little guys for the 10T lot. So to get back into the swing I have looked at a Pig a BIG one!! With many heads which means more Bacon right?


A nice 8 point minion which has decent amount of Wds which it will need with average Wp and on the low side Df, she can keep up with all the other gremlins well so no issue with the big hitter being slow. What is surprising is the Cg range is frankly huge for such a model.


On to her abilities;

Three Headed – As long as she has half of its wounds left then she will get positive flips on both attack and damage flips.

Farrowing – Free models!! When she is sacrificed or killed you get to summon 2 Piglets (which is actually another 8 pts worth of models) yes they take a lot of damage when they come on. This isn’t a problem as they will get to be throw away missiles that will hopefully be in your opponents face.

Smell Fear - Once per Turn, when an enemy loses a Wp duel, she can take a free Ml action. Which is always nice for some extra stomping.. This also works well with;

Terrifying (All) – Anything with the ALL for terrifying is always nice to have. OK the TN is relatively low but these things can still be failed.

Attack Actions

Furious Mauling – Average Ml but with decent range and super damage track with the magic 3 for weak damage that everyone seems to like.

  • Eat Anything – Crows – After dealing damage she can take a healing flip which is her only defensive ability really so you really want the sow in combat ASAP.
Tactical actions

Birth – Needs a 5 of Crows to get off but lets you eat an enemy Scheme Marker to summon a piglet. Both the piglet and Sow take damage but not too much for either.


A nice model to have around, she hits very hard and keeps on hitting and unlike a lot of the faction she is not as dependent on triggers as others which means she can just go about hitting stuff.

She can die quickly due to no defensive abilities but at least you can heal her. She can easily fit in most crews with obviously Ulix being the prime candidate for her. But Brewie will be handy for failing those Horror duels to get off Smell Fear. Plus she also adds a touch of summoning outside of the usual methods like Somer.

A malifaux average cost for a minion (but expensive next to Gremlins and piglets).

What you get is an average Df, low Wp beast (and pig and swampfiend) that is also average speed. What does stand out is the Cg which unusually is double the Wk and also the number of wounds they have which is pretty nice although no really defensive abilities to keep them going.


It’s that time of year when family start asking about Christmas presents, I am all for new shiny but I am going to try to be sensible in the coming year….Stop laughing!!

What this means is no more factions, no new armies!!! Now I can have some play here as I will be allowed to add within a faction and if I completely remove myself from a faction that leaves me with some space also!!

I would like to say no new games, but with Infinity and Guild Ball knocking on the door not sure how well that will happen.

I will of course also have Infamy to play as well once the KS is finished and the rules become available but I am not going to even fight that. Does mean I need to actually build the models I already have for my shame!!


PP have moved to hard plastics for some of their future releases. This is huge as I know a lot of people are not a fan of the resin they use (I am though for the big kits) and lets not discuss restic.

I am looking forward to see what becomes of this, but it will be interesting as now we have a direct comparison between PP and GW for the first time since they have not been closer too each other as far as fan bases go (although honestly we all know GW is still out there in front)

 Painting & Hobby

I have managed to paint my friends Lady J and Hoffman crews this week, like literally 2 crews in one week. Thankfully he is a fan of the poster paint look…

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.


He is big and nasty AND covered in lots of viscera and blood, I may have had too much fun with uhu glue ;)


Thunderbear – 10T Brothers

The latest Thunderbear article today has me looking at the Brothers, one of the 5pt minions that have a lot of competition for space (I love rail workers). But they have gone up in my estimations..


Good Df and Wds for the points and the remaining stats are average. The above average Df is very handy as we shall see.


On to their abilities;

Protect Our Holdings – While nearby friendly Scheme markers may not be discarded by the actions/abilities of enemy models. This means You have to take out the Brother if you want to take remove markers, this is incredibly powerful..

Expert Defense – This is huge while under the Defensive Condition the model gains +1 Df. This makes it incredibly difficult to shift. But be weary of lots of Wp attacks as they will disappear quickly.


Bend As The Willow – Df trigger on Tomes that allows Defensive +1 for free. This also comes off regardless of who is successful, so as long as the Brother doesn’t die he is going to keep getting harder to hit.

Attack Actions

Ten Weapons of Wxu-Sju – An average Ml attack that does have decent range. While the damage track is poor on the low side but still has a decent severe.

  • Crushing Strike – Rams – Damage flip gains positive flips for each Ram in the total. Nice way of getting round hard to wound.
  • Trip - Mask – Hands out Slow and places target into base contact. Now this is great, as slow is always handy BUT the place can be huge as you could move stuff out of turf war area or set it up so a big hitter has clear LoS to it for a charge etc. Never forget the place!!
Tactical Actions

Dance of the Heavens – A zero action that requires any 1 to get off and they must declare a trigger. All of them pretty handy;

  • Crab Style – Tomes – Grants Armour +1 for bit more survivability.
  • Monkey Style – Crows – Grants Strike from the Branches condition which doubles the range on their attacks.
  • Mongoose Style – Rams – Allows you to draw a card, then discard a card OR heal 2 damage.
  • Eagle Style - Masks – Places the Brother within a small distance.



For 5 points you have a very nice hard to shift model that protects your scheme markers. They work surprisingly well with any master as you would expect being a 10T only minion.

Here are some of the fun things you can pull off that I can think;

  • Shenlong – hands out all-sorts of Defensive and Focus which will obviously help them.
  • Lynch can obviously power the right Dance of Heavens for nicely with only needing a 1, means his ace in the hole ability means it is something else he can power.
  • Yan Lo is pretty nasty as he can get a brother (with the right cards obviously) to Df7, Defensive and Armour 3!! Try and shift that without condition removal or target Wp..
  • McCabe obviously loves Minions with his upgrades and Brother is decent target for most.
  • Mei, Misaki and Brewie are less direct fun for the brothers but with scheme markers around they are awesome.


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