Episode 21 – We are Lost and Bendy

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Welcome to Episode 21 of Flock & Awe

We are Legal thats right we can now drink around the world…

LHTo mark this occasion we have hooked up with Lost Hemisphere Radio to create the Lost Nexus to expand out listeners muwahahahaha!

We also have some guy called Leee who we have on to blog his bendy terrain ;)


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Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners.

(Oh gods, I hope I didn’t fluff this up- Marc)

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Well I am off on the annual migration from now, so the blog is doing its Summer hibernation.

So see you all on the other side as we push for WAAC!!!


It just keeps going and going doesnt it :O you can check it out here.

Paint/hobby Corner

More 10T painting, with Mei Feng Crew nearly done.

Speaking of Mei managed to get a game with her at 40SS this week. I have to say both the Rail Golem and Fuhatsu are becoming favourites of mine.

Fuhatsu makes a great bodyguard target but his shooting is very very strong! While the golem just smashes faces it is great fun :).

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.

#WAAC update 10


Here we are at update 10, we are heading into the month of WAAC :D I wont be updating for the next 2 weeks as it is the bears holiday. But when I get back there will be much pushing as we move into the final days before the event :)


The first batch is away and we have raised around £150 for that, BUT I have spares and so if you want some let me know.


Everyone needs to show their WAAC support with some WAACWear, grab your t-shirt, mug at the WAACWear Shop.

Painting Competition

Still time to take part in the painting competition find out how HERE


The WAAC templates are going fast so make sure you get yours as once they are gone they are gone. Spread the word.

Prize Support

But I will start chasing up and ensuring that we have everything in place for the winners :)

Places taking part

The list of places you can take part in WAAC is still growing and below is a full list for you to check out. So make sure you find your local, and if they are not on the list. Let me know :)

outpost 150x150

We also have Crow Valley Crusaders taking part in sunny Wales, as well as the Southampton Sluggaz.

We have Tanelorn WG Club in London, Worhamma in the NE looking to be getting involved some how as well :)

Also as of this week I have also got NWGC involved as well :D

Know of a club or store I don’t have on here? Then please either get in contact with me or get them to contact me, so we can make this a truly UK (maybe world) wide event for MacMillan.

Any donation know matter the size will get you a raffle ticket to win some very cool prizes


I had more fun with techincal paints again can you tell :)

Bayou Bear – SNAP!!

After McTavish it seemed fair to do some Swampfiends so it has to be the Gators.


So these guys are surprisingly big on medium bases and for a cost of 5 points they are as expected very average stats-wise. Although their Wp is on the low side (gremlin faction again :( ). No surprises for the cost.


So what about their abilities then:

Melee Expert – This makes them pretty scary as they are coming in with 3 attacks on the charge.

Ruthless – Handy that they can ignore Wp duels during their activation, so horror is less scary.

Insignificant – Such a shame they can’t take Interact actions, but then they don’t have hands.

Unimpeded – You try stopping something made of nothing but teeth and muscle!!

Attack Actions

Fearsome Jaws – An average Ml attack across the board (with decent range though), what makes them scary is their triggers.

  • Death Roll – Rams – Hands out a positive flip for damage.
  • Swallow Whole – Crows – Nasty trigger, if you inflict severe damage then kill the target unless they discards 2 cards. This works on 2 levels, as it means you get to kill a model OR they sacrifice some cards. Both are good in the right situation.

Drag Under – exact same stats as the Jaws attack BUT it takes up all 3 Ml actions a gator can take. It does present a slightly better damage track plus;

  • Held Under - Crows – Hands out paralyze on top of the damage.
Tactical actions

Ambush – Zero action that allows the model to push 3” in any direction if they discard a card. This does help make the gators actually move pretty fast. With a healthy threat range if they do this.


Obviously anything that likes swampfiends such as Zorida and McTavish are going to like some Gators. As they generally don’t need to worry about being boosted they are happy going about their business so don’t so can work in any list.


Generally they make for some nasty model hunting. They have the potential of catching people off guard with the range of their movement and the amount of damage they can kick out. They are becmong one of my favourite models in the game for what is a very simple glass cannon :)


Bayou Bear – McTavish

Everyone needs a hobby and if that hobby is looking after gators who are we to judge? Today I am going to be looking at McTavish.


He is OK statswise, decent wounds with good Df and average Wp. His movement is pretty average. But at 10 points it is his abilities that will make him what he is.


So what about his abilities then:

Penetrating Stench – Enemy models within 6” cannot take Focus or Defensive actions, very nasty for those trying to gain bonuses shame he couldn’t have been smellier and have a bigger area :)

Unimpeded – He ignores movement penalties for severe terrain, means his average speed is not too much of an inhibition.

The Swamp Is Our Home – Friendly models of the Swampfiend variety gain: Lay of the Land, which is what the Bushwhackers have so cover against everything BUT melee attacks.

Attack Actions

Git ‘Em! – Decent Ml attack with great range and a damage track that is reasonable as well. He also has some nice trigger as well;

  • Death Roll – Rams – Damage flip receives a positive flip.
  • Swallow Whole – Crows – If you inflict severe damage,then the model is killed unless it discards 2 cards.

Hunting Rifle – Another decent attack (shooting this time) and again very good range and a better damage track than the melee one. He also gets to ignore cover AND does not randomize when shooting into engagements.

  • My Loyal Scouts – Masks – Allows you to boost your duel total for each friendly Swampfiend within 6″ and LoS of the target
Tactical actions

Hunting Screen – Zero action that places a Hunting Screen Marker in base contact with him. This creates a small area of soft cover that is removed if he takes the action again.

Gator Snack – Another zero action, discard a Corps/Scrap/Scheme Marker within 3″ to push this him into base contact with it before discarding it and then flip a card to apply one of following dependent on the suite:

  • Rams – He may perform a 1 ap attack.
  • Crows – Heals 2 damage.
  • Tomes – Draw 1 card.
  • Masks – Push him in any direction a small distance.

Obviously being a Gremlin he has access to the likes of dirty cheater if you like but he does have 2 specific upgrades worth considering.

Cute critters – 1 SS – Gives McTavish an Attack Action:

Wrangle Critter – Needing a 6 to achieve TN and resisting against Wp (and average range) which allows you to target non-Leader pig or Swampfiend model to perform an action that cannot declare triggers BUT gains positive flips for any duels.

Very nice as it allows for some manoeuvring and then unleashing attacks or dropping scheme markers on models you have placed in position earlier. Better yet making Gracie hit again in-between her activation AND reactivate

Remember can be used offensively against other gremlin crews or Neverborn of the Zordida kind.

Mud toss – 1 SS – Gives McTavish an Attack Action:

Tossed in the Mud – Has the same stats as Wrangle Critter but allows you to remove 1 Condition on a target. Incredibly useful as Gremlins don’t have much chance to do this.

Mud Bucket – tomes – After succeeding, friendly Gremlin close by may take a wound to allow you to take the action again.


Henchmen (leader or not) he likes Swampfiends so he will naturally work well with Zordida as they can share them. Otherwise you will want at least a couple of Bayou Gators near by, just for the theme as well as they all hit very hard.


McTavish sits in that very sweet spot for gremlins namely 10pt models that hit like a tonne of bricks. Whiskey Golem, Gracie, Mancha and himself all come in this category and to be honest we are spoilt for choice as all have their uses. McTavish is very good at holding an area as anything that comes close will be smacked around a LOT. So if the opponent wants to get rid of him they are going to need  more resources to shift him than most will be willing to do with the expense of ignoring the rest of the crew.



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