Dystopian Wars Tactics

I have been asked to have a look at posting my thoughts / ideas on Fleet build / Tactics for Dystopian Wars.

I am a bit cautious about this as I find these things are down to personal opinion and feeling, after all that’s what makes the game one commander controlling his forces against another. So here goes remember this is my opinion and may not win you your next game!

Of course if you do win I take full credit :)

Just lately I have been looking at what are the best / most useful small ships to take for my RoF fleet, the choice being between the Lyon Frigate, chevalier Destroyer and Alma frigate. They are all as you would expect close. However, I do wonder if the Destroyers are worth taking at all? Looking at the stats there are a lot of the same figures on each card so let’s focus on the differences


The destroyers only have rockets which are subject to AA defensive fire OK they have the pack hunter MAR which adds at most three dice to your attack but does this make up for that?Not in my opinion.

The Alma’s have the same fire power but it’s gunnery with no defensive dice, they can also move over land at will and have a 360 ark of fire.

The Lyon has dual fire power although it lacks range band three, forward firing torps and broadsides, the torps are subject to CC defence but if you can manoeuvre to use both it’s still quiet a punch for your points.

The cost is a factor with the Alma’s at 35 the destroyers at 30 and the Lyons at 25. Of course in the small category you also have the Requin attack craft and the Epaulard submarine but both those have more of a specialist use and would not be a standard take, in my fleet at any rate, although there is talk of an Epaulard mk11 a’ la’ Toulon mk11 which could make it more useful in general play.

In conclusion I would take the Alma’s if I could afford it and the Lyon’s if I couldn’t, of course you need to make your points allocation for a legal fleet and that can cause a bit of a juggle as well but there again the Alma’s can be useful as the higher points cost means you can look at different mediums or heavies.

During the course of writing this I have been to Salute and spent an interesting time talking to the Spartan guys about the new Dystopian Wars rules version 2.0 it appears that they will not be going to the three colour dice system as most people expected so we await this with interest, release date is late May.
Happy Gaming Guys.

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#WIPWednesday WoC Battle Standard

Been a while since I had anything to show for WIP Wednesday. So here is my BSB mounted on a daemonic mount.



Lets go back to basics..

Strange things are a foot over on the Painting down the line blog.

Now you may have not heard about this blog it is in fact the rather dusty place belonging to one of the hosts of Flock and Awe (let you figure out which one).

Now he has clearly took a blow to the head or been replaced by aliens, but I for one welcome this new person as he has resurrected the blog :)

So head on over and check out his new ramblings, but also the nice review of the R.A.F system from back to base-ixs.

As always click the link to have a closer look.. Lets go back to basics...


DIY scheme markers and version 1.0 counters

After finally pulling my fingers out and getting some markers made to make life a little easier.
Here are my scheme markers for my gremlins.


Then while I was at it for things like conditions I have created some quick counters to see what I use more of.



Then as I hate having multiple cards on the table we also have some wound counters as well.


Now these are version 1 of these counters I have a feeling I will be tweaking them in the future.
One possibility is the poison and burning will have a blank box to record actual levels.
What do you think?

Scratch Building Tanks Tutorial by Kamui

Over on the Creative Twilight blog (which does a lot of good stuff go read them), they have slowly been going through an extensive tutorial into scratch building tanks.

Even though my orks have been passed on there is still some green in me so this tickled the hobby buds (like taste buds but shinier).

So for those lazy out there I have collected the links and stuck them belwo (you really need to see this process)

  1. Getting started
  2. Basic structure
  3. Detail
  4. More detail
  5. Tracks
  6. Weapons
  7. Finishing touches

and for those that are even lazier here is a comparison shot of a Chimera and the tank..

Told you it was awesome :)

Mystic Spirits Review

Welcome to today’s post, which is a review of the latest expansion book out for Freebooters Fate – Mystic Spirits.

Carrying on with a similar theme from other FF reviews I will be looking at the  Fluff; Miniatures; Rules/Mechanics; Price and a Summary.

Fluff – Carrying on from Deep Jungle, we see the pirates still enjoying their ownership of Longfall. While the Armada are running some guerilla warfare from the jungles. The goblins are starting their nation with the help of 2 orcs!! The Brotherhood continue their work and the Amazons are getting Angry (angrier). All this and we have to deal with The Cult and their walking dead.

Miniatures – As always the models look stunning and the characters the have generated make the world so much more enjoyable to play. Although as with Deep Jungle not everything is available yet as anything beyond artwork.

The Book – Another cracking book from the FF guys following the same size as Deep jungle and as always some amazing artwork and as mentioned good fluff (always positives).

The main focus other than new models is the new magic rules you can use in games, which brings me nicely to the mechanics section ;)


Basically the new ‘powers’ work like the equipment cards in which case you purchase them for your magic user at the cost indicated. There are 4 different themed areas of magic which you may only have access to a couple of them through the faction you are playing.

All these powers are known as Loas and you buy like you do the equipment cards (review). There can be additional costs in-game as some of the Loas need blood, so your character may need to take some damage at the start before you even use the power.

The mechanism works in a very similar way to which a normal duel takes place but with an added layer of complexity based on what you are trying to cast. The basics you can see in my review week of Freebooters HERE. Although it is a straight 3 on 3 card duel unlike a normal one..

On top of this you now need to be lower or equal the invocation value of Laos for it to succeed. This is done by working out a total based on various things such as LoS, how much the duel weakened the invocation or if the caster got the preferred characteristic through.

So how does it work all Loas have a specific characteristic (RE: a like torso, head for a normal duel; here we have Sober etc..). Now it is possible to block this as in a normal duel, however the opponent may not/can’t block it fully but they can weaken it by matching to the offerings on the card.

See below we have additional pictures of a chicken and a candle, matching these means you have weakened. Once all cards are played you can work out if the Loas was succesful based on the modifiers mentioned!

That was a whistle top tour as I didn’t want to spoil too much ;)

But what is clear is that you do not want to add these powers into the game until you have the game mechanics down, they are very much for the seasoned player. As the added complexity could get confusing for a newer player..

New Card Deck – Alongside the new book, there is also a card pack I recommend you pick up as well. If you are new to the game then get this set over the normal hand set as you get duplicate cards that work with both the magic use and normal combat (which is very handy).

On top of that you get more equipment cards that are optional extras (Check out my review HERE).

But the main use of these cards is to have the magic spells in easy format rather than using the book all the time.

What you get for your money – As always a cracking product by FF and certainly worth it for anyone wanting to take their pirate experience further. How could you not want to when the choices for adding Voodoo Magic is too good to pass up :D

Summary – A great book that adds so much to the Freebooters Fate world, which is all you can ask for :)


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